Short Vacation

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Your POV

These burns really do hurt, but I don't want Shadow to think I'm weak. "Where's our next stop?" I asked. "The beach." He answered. "Short vacation huh." I said laughing a little. "Yeah." He replied. 

I could smell the salty air of the ocean. "We're here." I said. We walked up a hill and saw the ocean. "Alright let's start looking." Shadow said. We walked on a soft sand and looked around.

All I saw was sand and shells. I sighed and began digging.

Shadow's POV

This gem is just like the one in the winter lands. But this time it's sand. My watch made noises so I ran towards the water. It was right there being washed up on shore. I picked it up and said "Hey I found it!"

(Y/n) came to me and said "What color do we need now?" "Pink." I answered.

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