First words

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Your POV

I was feeding Lily while Shadow was watching TV. "How's my little girl doing?" Shadow asks. "She's doing fine. I just need her to eat this last bite of food." I say. Shadow stands up and walks to me. "I wonder why." He says.
I sniff the air. I then hold my nose. "I think Lily just made a boom boom Shads." I say still holding my nose. He picks her up and smells her. He makes a sour face.
"Yup." He says. "It's your turn to change her." I say. He rolls his eyes and takes Lilly to get changed. "Shoo wee! You smell like faker!" He yells from a distance. "Don't you mean Sonic?" I ask.
"Sonic, faker. We have our names for the blue hedgehog." Shadow says putting Lily down. "Son...ic." Lily spoke. I gasp and smile, "SHE SAID HER FIRST WORD!" Sonic rushes here and says "What?" "She said her first Sonic. and it was you." I smile.
Sonic picks her up and says "Say is again Lily". She gives Sonic a sour face. "Fa-kor." She says. Sonic's face went from 😀 to 😒. "SHADOW!" He yells.
"Wasn't me." Shadow replies.

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