United at last

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Shadow's POV

"You're faker's sister?" I asked. "Yes and I just remembered. I shoved my own brother." She said almost crying. "Please don't hate me." She said. I held her hands and said "even though you're faker's sister, I would never hate you". She smiled and turned around to see Sonic standing up from his chair.

Your POV

I ran towards Sonic and he did the same until we met and started hugging. "I thought I lost you." I cried. "No. I was here the entire time searching for you." He whispered. "I'm sorry I shoved you and said those awful things." I said. He hugged me tighter and said "you just didn't know that it was me".

"It's nice to know I haven't lost everything." I said. "Me too." He whispered.

Sonic's POV

It's so good to know that I haven't lost my baby sister. I looked at Shadow and he was smiling with his arms crossed. I picked (y/n) up and spun her around like I did when she was smaller. "You've changed since the last time I saw you." I said. "I can't stay small forever." She laughed.

We laughed and hugged again. Shadow walked to us and I said "will you take care of my sister?" "Yeah sure, faker." He smirked. "Well I think you guys deserve some sibling time." Knuckles said.

~at the beach~

"You're still afraid of water?" (Y/n) asked. "No! I just can't swim that's all." I said. "Uh huh." She smiled. I couldn't help but smile at my sister. She grew up beautiful like mom.

"Sonic how did this all start?" She asked. "What do you mean by that?" I asked. (Trying so hard not to sing the lyrics😬😁). "Our family tore apart." She said. Come on Sonic don't cry.

"(Y/n) I don't wanna talk about it." I said. "Please Sonic, I was only 8 and you were 15." She said. I sighed. "Our parents ran into Eggman by accident and he played them. All he wanted was you because he knew that you were their only weakness. He kidnapped all 3 of y'all and when I came to save you, our parents were dead.....shot in the head. I picked you up and ran out but Eggman's robot grabbed me which made me drop you. After you ran away, he transferred me here and that's when I met the gang. I never told them about you because I would just cry." I said. "Oh." She said.

"I'm just glad I haven't lost everything." I said hugging her.

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