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Sonic's POV

We just got done destroying the robots and Tails stopped the bomb. I heard heavy cries and then (y/n) ran out of the building, crying. "(Y/n)!" I yelled running to her but she ran away faster than me. "She looked so....heartbroken." Amy frowned. "I swear if its something to do with Shadow then imma-"

"We don't know yet Knuckles." Tails said. I raised an eyebrow and crossed my arms. What has he done to my sister?

Your POV

I flew back home and ran in Sonic's room. I slammed the door and cried into his pillow. I heard the door open and I whipped my tears. "(Y/n)?" "What Sonic?" I asked sniffing.

"What happened?" He asked wrapping me in a comforting hug. I cried into his chest and hugged him back. "Faker." I said sounding hateful. Sonic tightened the hug a little and said "what did he do?" I know he was trying to stay calm.

"He......just......loved me......as like I.....was.....Maria." I sobbed. "Shh it's okay." He said rocking me back and forth. "He even....called me....Maria." I sobbed. He lifted my chin up. "Hey, hey it's going to be okay. Just stick around with me and if he ever comes near you just tell me." He said.

I sadly smiled. "Really?" I asked. "Anything for my little sister." He said hugging me. "You're the best brother ever".

Shadow's POV

I lost her. Probably for good. I fell on my knees and cried. "Why..." I sobbed. "Why did I do that? Just why?" I cried.

I went back home and looked out my window. She was with Sonic playing volleyball. "She's alright gotten over me. So fast." I mumbled. I whipped my tears and went in my bedroom. I got in my bed and blended into the covers.

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