Jungle of feelings

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Your POV

We started walking into a jungle because Shadow said that's where the last emerald is. Shadow walked while I swung from vines. "Be careful (y/n)!" Shadow said. "I will!" I said swinging from vine to vine.

Shadow's POV

I watched as (y/n) swung from the vines. I don't know what's going on with me. I feel this feeling like when I was around Maria. I try to shake the feeling off but I can't. "Hey Shadow I see a pink glow coming from a cave!" She said standing on a tree.

We ran towards the cave and I stopped in front of the cave. "What are you waiting for?" (Y/n) asked. "Something tells me that something bad is going to happen." I said. She started walking towards the cave and a robot grabbed her! "Whoa! Hey let me go!" She yelled.

"(Y/n)!" I yelled. "(y/n) (l/n) must be taken to Dr. Eggman." The robot said. Her eyes widen and she said "Oh hell naw!" She started kicking and punching the robot. I've never seen her so freaked out.

"Shadow find that emerald before it's too late!" She yelled. The robot flew away and I punched a tree. I dashed in the cave and looked around. I saw the pink emerald and grabbed it. Then my feelings started to show...



And death.

And death

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