And the baby is a. . . . . . .

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Your POV

Shadow, Sonic, and I are at the doctor going to find out if its a boy or a girl. We are sitting in a room and I'm in the doctor bed. Shadow holds my hand and I sigh. "I'm so nervous." I say looking at him. "Don't be. The baby will be fine. And we'll all be happy after we find out what it is." He tells me.

"Yeah but what if the baby is unhealthy? What if it doesn't have a heart beat?-" Shadow puts his finger over my lips. "There is no way that will ever happen." He says. "Right faker?" "Yeah that baby is alive alright. It's making me go insane." He says reading a newspaper.

We laugh and the doctor comes in. "Alright Ms (y/n) let's see what's happening with the little thing." She says. She rubs the gel on me and I shiver. Shadow smiles at me. "It's cold." I giggle.

"Alright what is the baby gonna be?" She asks looking at it. We look at the screen and she says "It's a girl!" We all smile and Shadow kisses my cheek. Sonic's jaw drops to the floor. "All that madness what from my niece???" He ask.

"Yeah apparently." I laugh. "Surprised faker?" Shadow asks. "Nope. not at all." He lies.

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