Mixed emotions

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Sonic's POV

I was in the kitchen making myself  a chilly dog since I was hungry. I then hear a crashing sound from the living room. "Sonic!" My sister yells. Oh no. I run to her and say "Yeah?"

"I need food. NOW!" She yells in anger. My eyes widen. Yikes! She's gone mad!  I run in the kitchen and get her some fries. I'm not giving her my chilly dog after what happen the first time I gave her one.

That's not ever happening again. I run back to her and see her crying. Wasn't she angry just a second ago? I walk to her and say "Why are you crying?" "I don't knoooow. Oh French fries!" She smiles and takes them.

I walk back to the kitchen and take a bite of my chilly dog. "SONIIIIIIIIC!" My sister yells once more. I sigh and walk to her. "Yeah?" "Can you get me a blanket? I'm cold." She says with the puppy eyes.

"But it's like 80 degrees in here." I say confused. "I'M COLD AND NEED A BLANKET RIGHT NOW AND IF I DON'T GET IT IN ABOUT 5 SECONDS I'M GONNA SHOVE YOUR CHILLY DOG UP YOUR ASS!" She screams. "Ahhh!" I yell and give her a blanket. "Thank you." She smiles. I run in the kitchen and grab aspirin.

I hear dark chuckles of my brother-in-law beside me. "I can't help but laugh at you faker." He says. I take a pill and say "Am I going crazy or is it the baby that's making her act like this?" "What do you think, faker?" He asks. I grab my head and say "I think I'm crazy".

He chuckles again. "It's the baby. And we find out what it is tomorrow." He says and walks into the living room. I spit out my water shocked and say "This is beyond scary." I take another pill. Shadow chuckles. "IT IS!"

A/N: okay I couldn't help but laugh while typing this lol. I chose the gender and you guys chose the names. Deal? Deal. 🤗

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