Honeymoon ⚠️CAUTION! LEMMON⚠️

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Your POV

I finished packing and Shadow came behind me and hugged me. "Ready to go?" He asked. "Yeah." I answered. We walked to the car and Sonic ran to me. "Don't hurt my sister faker." He said.

"I wouldn't even dare....faker." I smirked. Sonic hugged me tight and said "be safe sis". I laughed. "I will bro". Shadow and I hopped in the car and drove off.

~hour later~

We checked in our room and I was stunned by the look of it.

"It's beautiful Shadow

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"It's beautiful Shadow." I said. "I knew you would like it." He smiled. He took off his socks and shoes and smirked at me. He pushed me against the wall and started kissing me. He slipped his tongue in quick before I could respond.

It turned out to be a heated make out session and he moved me to the bed. He ripped off all my clothes without breaking the kiss. He pulled back and took a good look at me. "Mmmmm I'm gonna have fun tonight." He smirked. He attacked my neck and started biting and sucking it.

"Mm Shadow." I said. He left a hickey on the left side of my neck which was my weak spot. He squeezed both of my breast and smirked. He attacked one and messaged the other. He switched off every few minutes which made me moan.

He stopped and looked at me. He loved teasing me. He started kissing me and he slipped a finger in my pussy. "Mm!" I jumped as he smirked while fingering me. He slipped about 3 fingers in me and it made me a moaning mess.

He stopped and wrapped his arms around my waist. His big friend was teasing me between my legs for my entrance. "Stop your damn teasing." I growled. He smirked and positioned to be ready. "You really want to?" He asked.

"Yes." I pleaded. "You really want to?" He asked. "Yes dammit I need you Shadow!" I yelled. He pushed it in and I squeaked in pain. He slowly moved and I started moaning in pleasure.

"Oh Shadow." I moaned. "You're so tight babe." He groaned. "Faster Shaddy." I begged. "Say my name baby." He smirked. "Shadow." I moaned.

"You want me to go faster?" He asked. "Yes Shadow. Please!" I pleaded. He moved so fast I couldn't even see straight. "Oh! Shadow!" I cried out. "I'm close (y/n)." He said.

"I am too". I felt hot liquid go inside me and Shadow collapsed on me. "I love you (y/n)." He said. "I love you too Shadz." I sighed. Then we fell asleep.

A/N: this was my first Lemmon ever so sorry if it's bad lol.

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