Learning to be loving

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Shadow's POV

In the woods again and (y/n) was swinging from vine to vine. She laughed and giggled which I thought was cute. "You're going to fall." I said smiling. "I am not-whoa!" She fell straight in a bush.

She started laughing and said "I guess you're right. I'm stupid". I helped her out and said "No you were just having too much fun". We heard something rustle in the bushes. I pulled out my gun and pointed at the bushes. A little rabbit came out.

I didn't lower my gun so (y/n) stepped in front of the bunny. "Shadow it's okay, the bunny is harmless." She said placing her hand in my shoulder. I sighed and lowered my gun. "I don't know what's gotten into me." I said. "Why?" She asked.

Your POV

"Every time I hear something, I think it's harmful and dangerous." He said. Maybe he has trust issues? I picked up the bunny and walked to Shadow. "Go on, pet it." I said. "It won't let me." He said.

"You don't know that. Try it." I said. He gently petted the bunny and the bunny hopped back in the bushes. "Told you so." He said. Just then, a whole herd of bunnies came out! "Aw!" I said.

I picked one up and so did Shadow. "See? No harm done, they love you!" I said. He looked up and smiled at me. After awhile, we had to get going. "Alright what colors do we have?" I asked.

"Green and white." He answered. We walked around and I saw a waterfall with a rainbow in the sky. "Shadow look! Maybe an emerald is there!" I said swinging on a vine to get a better view in a tree. "Okay." He said and walked towards it. I followed and was amazed by the beauty.

"I don't see it

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"I don't see it." Shadow said. "Maybe it's behind the waterfall." I said. "How?" He asked. I went behind the water fall and saw a chest full of gold. "Jackpot😈." I said.

I found a light blue emerald and said "Found it!" He was surprised and said "you're smart". "Thank you." I said. I got some water in my hands and splashed him. "Hey!" He said.

"Have a little fun, break lose from your tough guy thoughts." I said. He seemed confused at first, but then he splashed me. I laughed and he smiled. We played in the water for awhile.

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