Please......forgive me

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Shadow's POV

I walked outside and only saw (y/n) sitting on the shore. I walked over to her and said "hey". She stood up and turned against me. "(Y/n) please listen to me." I said. She crossed her arms and closed her eyes.

Sonic stepped in front of (y/n). "Leave her alone." He growled. "Why?" I asked. "DON'T YOU THINK YOU HURT HER ENOUGH?!?" He yelled. I jumped at his outburst.

"YOU'RE STILL STUCK ON MARIA. YOU CANT JUST PRETEND TO THINK THEY'RE SOMEBODY THAT THEY'RE NOT. YOU BROKE MY LITTKE SISTER'S HEART." He said and picked her up and ran away. I stared at the ground. I never should've brought up Maria. I looked through Sonic's window. He was hugging (y/n) while she was crying.

I really feel bad now. She hasn't gotten over me. She's still crying because of me. I walked back home and stayed in my room. I climbs in my bed and covered myself up in the sheets.

"(Y/n)." I cried. The bed still smelled like her. I could feel her next to me still. Tears fell onto my sheets. You're mine now Shadow.

No leave me alone. Hahaha never. "I'm not tough. I'm weak." I said.

~Next day~

I ran outside and saw Sonic glaring at me. I walked passed him and saw (y/n) dangling upside down from a tree. I snuck behind her and said "(y/n)". "Ah!" She yelled and fell down. She rubbed her head and said "Hmph".

"(Y/n) just listen to me. Just this once." I begged. She crossed her arms and turned away. "Please." I pleaded. She sighed and said "Fine". "(Y/n) I'm sorry I called you Maria. My mind took control and blurted out her name. I haven't seen her in forever since she was killed. Yes, I miss her a whole lot. But I met you and fell for you ever since. Please, please forgive me (y/n)." I said.

"What did I tell you about talking to my sister." A voice said behind me. I turned around and saw Sonic glaring at me with hatred in his eyes. I stood up and walked away. "Please think about it (y/n)." I mumbled.

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