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Shadow's POV

I scream and punch the ground causing an earthquake. The others wake up and run to me. "Shadow what happened?" Tails asks. I stand up. "Eggman stole my family from me. And I couldn't do a DAMN THING ABOUT IT!" I scream punching a tree, knocking it down.
"Eggman took (y/n) and Lily? How?" Sticks asks. "(y/n) went looking for her and Eggman took them both. I'm the worst father and husband." I answer. Sonic put his hand on my shoulder. I look up at him. "We'll find them. You're not the worst father or husband. Not even the worst brother-in-law." He says.
I smile softly at him and start hugging him tight. Everyone gasps at what I was doing. They know I'm not the loveable type to them, especially Sonic. But Sonic is my brother-in-law; my wife's brother; and my daughter's uncle. I can't lose him too.
I feel liquid run down my cheeks. "Shadow are you crying?" Amy asks. I wipe my tears and look at my hand. Why am I crying? I never cry.
"His emotions show when he feels it the most in the heart." Tails says. "I thought I had no emotion." I say. "Nope. You do." He clarifies. I let go of Sonic and look at Eggman's lair from the distance. "We need my family back".

Your POV

My daughter and I were stuck in a cage in Eggman's lair. "This is all my fault." Lily says. "No it's not hunny." I say. "Yes it is! Bc I walked outside and got kidnapped and so you came out and got kidnapped too! I was so stupid to do that." She says. I wrap her in a hug.
"Your dad will find us and save us. *whispers* I hope".

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