The darkness shows

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Shadow's POV

Just waiting until we find Eggman's ship. I felt sorta weird. My fur tickled and my hands were shaking. You are mine Shadow. No never!

You belong to the dark side. Not with these pathetic fools. "No. Let me go." I said. My fur turned dark and my eyes turned white. I evilly chuckled.

The door started to open and I saw (y/n). "Shadow you okay?" She asked. I laughed. "Shadow, isn't here anymore." The dark me said. IM RIGHT HERE!

I tried to scream out but I couldn't. "You dong sound like Shadow." She said. "Because I'm his evil twin you fool!" He said. "Shadow if you can hear me, scream!" She said. "Hel-" I tried to say but he wouldn't let me.

"Ha ha ha he's under my control now." He said. "Not on my watch." (Y/n) said and kissed me. Evil me was distracted by the kiss and I turned normal. I wrapped my arms around her waist as she wrapped her arms around my neck. "(Y/n)." I cried.

"Don't cry Shadow." She frowned. "How? There's a darkness haunting me." I said. She lifted my chin and I looked into her beautiful (e/c) eyes. "We'll get through it." She said. I hugged her tight and said "I love you".

"I love you too Shadow".

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