Baby names and baby kicks

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Your POV

I'm laying on the couch watching my favorite show (f/s). I then feel a thump in my stomach. "Wow." I say. "What is it babe?" Shadow asks. "Are you dying!" Sonic ask.

I laugh. "No, the baby just kicked." I say. "Really?" Shadow asks walking in. I nod and he puts his hand on my belly. The baby kicks right against his hand.

"Wow. She knows where I am." He smiles. I smile. Sonic puts his hand on my belly and the baby kicks again. "Doesn't it feel like an alien inside you?" He asks. I roll my eyes.

"It's normal bro. You just don't know because you're a boy." I say. They both sit next to me while I'm scrunched up in the middle like a sandwich. "Wait, what's gonna be the name for the little one?" Sonic asks leaning towards my belly. "I don't know." I shrug. "Yeah we need one." Shadow says.

"How bout April?" Sonic asks. "Na." I say. "Maria?" Sonic asks. Shadow and I glare at him. "Do you want me to make Shadow kick your ass? Because he will do it." I say.

"Noted. I'll shut up" He gulps. I start to think now that my older brother finally shut up. "How bout Lilly?" I ask. "That's a pretty name." Shadow smiles. "We love it." Both Sonic and Shadow say hugging me.

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