Home Sweet Home

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Your POV

Shadow said that I could live with him and his friends. I gladly accepted. We were walking through the woods telling each other stories. "So I smashed that chilly dog in Sonic's face." Shadow said. I then started laughing.

"Sounds like Sonic is an idiot." I said. "He is." He chuckled. "Well my friend was the same way but instead of a chilly dog it was hot cheese." I said. He then burst out laughing. I couldn't help but laugh too.

"I bet her face was burnt fit a week." He said. "Yeah she didn't talk to me until it was gone." I said still laughing. I then saw houses on a sea shore and Shadow said "we're here". "Stay behind me." He said so I obeyed. "Hey everyone Shadow's back!" Some pink hedgehog girl yelled.

"Shadow I don't know about this." I whispered. "Trust me it'll be okay." He whispered back. We walked to some group of people and they all greeted Shadow. "Hey guys I brought a new member of the team." He said. Here we go.

"Who?" The same girl asked. Shadow moved aside and I waved. "A human!" The badger yelled. "Guys this is (y/n). (Y/n) these are my friends Amy, Tails, Sticks, Knuckles, and Sonic." He said. "You're pretty." Sonic said and Amy shoved him.

"Thanks." I said. I heard Shadow growl and giggled. "ANYWAY she'll be booking with me." Shadow said. "Alright cool." Tails said. "So (y/n) how'd you meet faker?" Sonic asked.

"In the woods when he was on a mission and judging by what I've herd and how you look, I think YOU'RE the faker." I said. His eyes grew big and Shadow just smiled. "He told you stories about me didn't he?" He asked. "Yep." I smiled. "Well we better be getting some shut eye." Tails said.

"Shut eye? I don't know how to shut one eye." Knuckles said scratching his head. I tried so hard not to laugh. "Come on (y/n) I'll show you to my house." Shadow said. I followed him into this big house. "Cool." I said looking around.

"Never been in a big house huh." Shadow said. "Nope." I said. We went into a bedroom and hopped in bed. "Night Shadz." I said. "Night (y/n)".

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