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Infinite Love ( Sonic Forces) Infinite x human reader (Completed) by gladion4everluv
Infinite Love ( Sonic Forces) Yasmine Rodriguez
Well it's just the story line of the game but with you in it ,and it seems that infinite has a interest in you. you'll soon figure out why.
What You See by hi-tails
What You Seeby 🦔
"What you see is what you get!" "And what am I seeing, Hero?" [Sonic x Reader]
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•°?°•[Movie Sonic X reader story] by EdgyBiscuits
•°?°•[Movie Sonic X reader story]by Karauil
💙 Bare with me, a lot of authors figure out a title after finished with their story.💙 °•~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~•° "Pinkie promise?" He said whilst holding o...
Levitating - A Sonic the Hedgehog x Reader by YosiDusk
Levitating - A Sonic the Yosi
A hedgehog born with immense power has been hiding on Earth for ten years while spectating its people. When he accidentally causes a massive black out he gets to team up...
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I Will Wait For You by HedgieGirlShadow-Kun
I Will Wait For Youby Cameron Chaos
A lone blue hedgehog pup lived his entire life alone on the street. He grew up thinking that people are never to be trusted and that one must always depend on them self...
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It's a lie... (A Sonic Fanfiction) by iNSaNeDUCKEH16
It's a lie... (A Sonic Fanfiction)by Shayne and Duckeh
Sonic the hedgehog. What word pops in your head when you hear that name? Hero, brave, stubborn? All of these are true, but we're missing ea word. Liar. What if this was...
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Sonadow One-Shots by WolfyTheWolfz
Sonadow One-Shotsby Shadow Wolfz
The title says it all.
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Treat You Better by WolfyTheWolfz
Treat You Betterby Shadow Wolfz
This takes place during and a bit after the episode 'Just A Guy' . After the people of Hedgehog Village kick Sonic out of the village for quote on quote being rude to th...
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Speed Me Up (Sonic x Reader) by SonGokuSan12345
Speed Me Up (Sonic x Reader)by Y/N L/N
The world needed a hero, we got a hedgehog and a female. The two set off on a wild adventure to escape the government and a mad scientist named Dr. Robotnik or Dr. Eggma...
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Healer by WolfyTheWolfz
Healerby Shadow Wolfz
After being wounded during a GUN mission Shadow is weak and defenseless. Stuck in a forest with no hope he is saved by a traveler that's takes him to a village where he...
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Containment Breach by WolfyTheWolfz
Containment Breachby Shadow Wolfz
Sonic is captured by a secret agency that captures and observes strange or unusual creatures. They can vary from a normal looking object or a monstrous being. She is for...
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Station Square by WolfyTheWolfz
Station Squareby Shadow Wolfz
After the battle in the Space Colony ARK things for Sonic and Shadow become complicated. Sonic feels like she knows him from her past. Shadow, can't seem to get her out...
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Missing by WolfyTheWolfz
Missingby Shadow Wolfz
Sonic was never one to mention anything about her past. She was never one that like the idea of either that was because she was royalty. But, during a mental breakdown i...
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The Popular and Rockstar by WolfyTheWolfz
The Popular and Rockstarby Shadow Wolfz
A rockstar and the popular kid cross paths.
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1 Body 9 Minds by WolfyTheWolfz
1 Body 9 Mindsby Shadow Wolfz
Wanting to know more about Sonic. Tails decides to ask Sonic of who she is and why Shadow is a big deal in her life. In the process Tails and the rest of the group meets...
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Sontails: Truth Of The Heart by Written_Blossom
Sontails: Truth Of The Heartby Written_Blossom
Sonic the hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower have fallen in love with each other, but are scared to confess their feelings. Once they do, how will their friends...
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Broken by WolfyTheWolfz
Brokenby Shadow Wolfz
"I was left behind..."
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Sonic the Hedgehog by DianaRomero649
Sonic the Hedgehogby Diana Romero
Como sega termino su contrato con Archive (aunque no terminaron con algunos cómics que seguían en proceso) decidió aliarse con IWD. Sorprendiendo a muchos con eso y tamb...
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The Prince and the Blacksmith by Written_Blossom
The Prince and the Blacksmithby Written_Blossom
Sonic Maurice The Hedgehog. Prince of Möbious who shall be the next King in his family, but he doesn't want to. Sonic likes his freedom more than anything and being stuc...
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Multifandom Oneshots by The2tailedfoxy
Multifandom Oneshotsby the2tailedfoxy
OKIE so I've never done one of these kinds of oneshot books before, but because I love writing oneshots, I thought I'd give it a shot. This will also feature some fandom...
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