Uh oh 0_0

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Your POV

I was sitting against the wall with my neck chained like a dog. "I was wanting Shadow but who knew I was to capture (y/n) (l/n)!" Eggman said. I growled and stood up. I tried running after him but the chains held me back. "You'll never get away with this!" I snapped.

"Ho ho ho! Yes I will!" He said. I sat back down and tears fell from my eyes. The door burst open and I saw Shadow! But he didn't look like himself. He looked.......








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"WHERE IS SHE EGGMAN!" He yelled. "Who?" Eggman asked. "(Y/n)!" He yelled. "Shadow!" I yelled tugging on the chains. He saw me and gasped.

"Let her go Eggman she doesn't deserve this!" He growled. "Oh but then again you are wrong Shadow." Eggman said.

Shadow's POV

How am u wrong?!? She didn't do anything. "How?" I growled. "Oh it was only just so long ago when (y/n) was 8." He said. He knew her fur that long?

"I wanted to steal her but her parents wouldn't let me. So I kidnapped all of them and killed her parents right in front of her." He explained. I gasped and looked at (y/n). She was breathing angrily with tear stains on her face. I looked back at Eggman. "But before I did, her parents told her to stay strong. That's why she hasn't shown any fear or weakness." He added.

"SHUT UP!!!" (Y/n) screamed. I shot the chain so she was free and death glares at Eggman. "Hehehe I should run right?" He asked. "Yep!" I said and pointed my gun at him. He then ran away.

I ran to (y/n) and she was curled up in a ball. "He won't hurt you anymore (y/n)." I said. "He ruined my life." She cried. I hugged her tight and rubbed her head. "So all this time you've been hiding in your fears?" I asked.

She nodded. "(Y/n) look at me." I said. She looked at me with her (e/c) eyes. "You can't hold in all your fears to be tough. It's okay to be scared. I knew you were freezing in the winter lands, I knew you were hurting when you got burnt by the lava, and I knew you were scared when the vine snapped." I explained. She started hugging me and I hugged back.

"You're the only one who understands me".

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