I love you

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Your POV

I walked in Sonic's room and sat on the bed. I've been thinking about what Shadow said. Did he mean it? Should I forgive him? I DON'T KNOW!

Sonic came in and said "hey sis". "Hey." I said gazing off. "Whatcha thinkin about?" He asked. I sighed. He sat next to me and said "come on tell me".

I hugged myself as tears formed my eyes. "Sis don't cry." He said and hugged me. "Sonic, I think wanna be with Shadow again." I said. "WHAT!" He yelled. He stood up and said "sis, he hurt you. Why would you want to go to someone who hurt you?" He asked.

"Well sometimes you just want to give them a 2nd chance." I said standing up. He sighed. "Alright (y/n) I'll let you date him again. But if he hurts you again, that faker's gonna get it." Sonic said cracking his knuckles. (Sorry Knuckles😂😁). I hugged him tight and said "thanks bro I love you!"

Shadow's POV

I was just sitting on the shore thinking. "Shadow!" A voice said. "(Y/n)?" I asked turning around. I saw (y/n) running towards me and I stood up. She jumped in my arms and I hugged her tight and spun her around.

"I love you." She cried. "I love you too." I said holding her bridal style and hugging her. "I'm so sorry for what I've caused. I didn't mean it." I said. "I forgive you." She said and kissed me. I kissed back.

We pulled apart and saw Sonic standing in front of us smiling. "Thanks Sonic." (Y/n) smiled. "Anything for you sis." Sonic winked. "You just had to give in didn't ya faker?" I asked. "Shut the fuck up Shadow." Sonic said.

We all laughed and (y/n) rested her head on my shoulder. My love has finally come back.

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