The Letter N

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NAUSEA: boat + sea. A boat lost on a rough sea. A type of modern day sea sickness.

NEEDLE: something given to those in  need.Lifeisfullofneedbutnotmany needles  togivethe neededantidote (anti-doubt).Livingisliketryingto find a needle in a haystack, that is if you are one that cares to look for a cure. Some just fall in love with their sickness.

NEIGHBOURS: people who you live beside or near to. No matter what you do, they are always saying, nay, nay, nay, .

NIKE: a shoe company that doesn't deliver but has a potent message: Just Do lt. Would this be an appropriate defense in a court of law? Are advertisers, corporations now our moral guardians?

NOSE: the nose knows. lt is our oldest sense, the olfactory (the old factory) sense which was as every dog still knows, our first door to knowing, knowledge.

NOSY: to put your nose into other people's business. lf you are particularly interested in banks and other people's money business, you are called a “nosy Parker”.

NOVEL: new, unique, exciting. As in a literary work. It opens up to possibility and offers a road into the unique countryside of the imagination. Not to be confused with NOBLE, meaning old and traditional. Novels are never noble. N.B. Noble Prizes are never awarded to novel writers, only noble ones.

NOWHERE: utopia, a small, almost forgotten hamlet in North Dakota. I stopped there on a trip to somewhere out West (Go west young man was the command) and while standing in the centre of its only intersection I started to write a letter home, "Here I am in the middle of nowhere ......".

NUMB: unmoving, to freeze usually from horror. Numbers, cold and unending (and unbegining) make one go numb.

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