The Letter U

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UNIVERSE: all that exists, that is. One verse united. Everything is issued from the first utterance, the first sound and verse. The poet is a versifier, trying to recreate and touch upon that original verse. ln the beginning was the word. Like sound, all things "speak", have an off and on, an up and down, all energy a sound, a wavelength, an indication of the universal, the universals, Plato's, idea before


UNKEPT: not dressed or groomed well. A woman who was not kept by a man never had nice clothes or accessories, thus she was referred to as unkept, an unkept woman.

UTOPIA: from the Greek meaning, nowhere. An ideal or perfect place. Term

originated in a novel by Sir T. More (1516). Yes, he did want more. He envisioned a

place whose inhabitants lived harmoniously, in peace and perfect industry. Despite herculean efforts, this island still hasn't been discovered or put on any map.

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