The Letter D

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DEATH: like debt but with a slightly different ending.

DEEDS:  what was previously done, things done. A changed form of the word "dids"

DEFEAT: to take the feet out from under someone so they can't get up and defend


DEFINED: to give meaning or more correctly to lose everything that a thing isn't / wasn't (see blue). ln this way, the thing is named, known -- it is unfound. What something is, is as much what it isn't as in the word “ ex is t”.

DEFT: very good at something. A quality a person with a speech problem has. People who are lacking in the ability to speak particularly well are known to be deft concerning other sensory abilities.

DEGRADE: to put down, to show contempt for. This happens most often when we give something a bad grade. For example, rotten eggs, a Hollywood block buster or when one expels a child from school.

DELAYER: a person who is always laying down on the job when he/she should be getting up and doing something.

DEMOCRACY: the condition of being overtly fond {crazy} of demonstration. A democratic society is one where those that speak the loudest get the most.

DESCENT: origins, where you originate from. As you descend down the family tree, you find your descent and if so, can show you are decent.

DESIGN: to create a style, to find a new sign by destroying the old. Very minimalist in nature is modern design. Minimalist because it is very complex to create a new sign, a new symbol of belief / communication.

DEVIL: the (da) + evil. Common name for the fallen angel Lucifer, Satan. “Lived” spelt backwards. ls that why we humans seem to always be drawn to depravity,the violent and malevolent? Train and car wrecks, ambulance sirens, murders on the news, in films, the tragic, bloodied hero .........? Take a mirror, hold this page upside down and then read this word D E V I L in the mirror. You will see the hidden side of life, living evil.

DEUS EX MACHINA:  God that once was a machine. Are we now coming full circle? God only stopped being a machine in order to intervene in the human drama we call life.

the DEVIL'S ADVOCATE: a lawyer who sold his soul to dear old Lucifer. ex. Johnny Cochrane

DISCO: a place where discs are spun and music, dancing ensue. The first was ltalian thus the “O” on the end.

DISTINCT: separate, unique -- usually because of the smell, the stink.

DOG: noun. the original cynic. We know they are cynics because they bark at everything. Unkept, unshaven, dressed raggedly were these Greek (Kynos) forerunners of today's Beatniks. A favourite saying might have been the old Sufist saying, “a dog barks, the caravan passes.”

DOG: veb. to follow, to hound. How many dogs dog their master. Most are just lost and never hound or are set on anything. Man's two best friends, each are a compliment of the other -- if God ever came to earth it would be as a dog, I'm sure.

DOGMATIC: the original quality of a cynic, to bark the same thing/belief over and over again. As in Cardinal St. Bernard's retort when asked what the 3 cardinal virtues were and he replied, " Humility, humility, humility. " That is, be like a

sick dog and let sleeping dogs lie.

DOODLE: to do nothing important, to sketch out of boredom. When you

doodle, you dawdle. Did Mr. Dolittle doodle or dawdle?

DOUGHNUT: a nut made of dough. So, where is the bolt? lt is used primarily to fix those with a sugar tooth.

a DRESSER: a person employed to clothe his or her master. With the arrival of mass production and polyester, marketing, materialism and Marxist rhetoric, this became a square object with drawers where increasingly large wardrobes were placed.

DRIP: drops dropping drip.

DRUNK: the future tense of drink if you use no will.

D U E L: a fight between two individuals on a point of honour. Usually with pistols or swords. lf it “takes two to tango”, it most certainly “takes a duo to duel”.

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