The Letter E

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ECCLESIASTES: this word is of an unknown origin. We don't know what it means or even who it was. Maybe that's what old, wise and angry Solomon was trying to tell us about God and by default, life, when he titled his rantings “ecclesiastes.” Or maybe he used "no name" to emphasize, "vanity, vanity, all is vanity saith the Preacher. ".

EGG ON: to throw eggs at so that the participants in an event will want to finish quicker. Which word came first, chicken or egg?


ELBOW: by bowing the arm, to make an L.

EMERGE: to go out of. Venturing out has always had a close connection to the possibility of an accident. Thus, when emerging always be prepared for any emergency.


EMOTIONS: physiological reactions resulting from a moving experience. We are put into motion from some external and/or cerebral stimulus. Fear is a prime example, those affected by this emotion have the desire to flee, to run.

Unemotional people don't react, move -- they also aren’t very good dancers. But

the question remains, what is an emotion such as sadness or tranquillity, that leads to quietude, contemplation, an absence of emotion? Or is this category of motion, of

emotion, the mysterious way we move toward god? God moving in the strange ways he / she / it does. (see PASSION)

ENCHANT: to enthral, give wonder and hypnotize. Appollinaire would chant when he was writing verse, that's why they were so enchanting, according to Jean Cocteau.

ENGLAND:Britain, theland ofBrits, people fromBritain. So what are Engs? Is Eng land, the land of engineers?

ENTHUSIASM: from the Greek “en theos”, a god within. When we are enthusiastic, we are filled up as if with a god. Unfortunately, this god can be good or evil --- so don't mistake a man's enthusiasm for good intentions.

EQUALITY: everything the same. An unattainable paradox given that to exist is to be individual, distinguishable, different. Equality would also entail perfect justice (but who would throw the first stone?) which is not characteristic of man's self-interested nature. Perfect justice if possible would mean "equality" for as AnatoleFrance famously understated, " in the world of perfect justice, the rich and thepoor alike have the right to sleep under bridges."

Communism has been this century's attempt to resurrect the ghost of equality from the ashes of the French Revolution.Libertyand Brotherhood being found too

unwieldy, unachievable. The failure of communism demonstrates that people don't want to be equal, only well fed. Equality to paraphrase the great pessimist of literature, The Grand lnquisitor, "entails too much responsibility". The most we can

say about equality ls that "all men ars created equal, but some more equally than

others”, a vulgarization ofAmerica's constitutional declaration and in their belief of

it, perhaps the reason for American worldly domination of culture and commerce. lt

is an acknowledgement of the fact that death is the only equalizer --- or ignorance,

both being twin sides of the same coin.

ESSAY: an attempt, a try. All written essays are incomplete aspects of a totality, a truth, Most use cunning language, sentimental argument, to make the reader believe this is a statement of truth or fact and not just once fleck of dust on the arm of god's jacket. They are an attempt to try and convince. Thus, we could say Montaigne maintains.

EVENING:  thetimebetweendayand night,anevening  out,abalancing--

whereandwhenthingsaremadeequal.AfallintonightaswhenEve picked  the

fruitandindoingso turned outthelightandhopeofmankind. Throughherwewere  thrownintodarkness.


EXCRUCIATE: to inflict severe pain upon another, so much that the porson excretes excrement.


EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: a glorilied, in name only, administrative assistant. More kissing ass but its safer in the end as it is confined to only a few higher up devil types.

EXTERMINATOR: A "pest control officer" who used to deal exclusively with eliminating termites but being unsuccessful against these most pesky of pests, now is determined to focus on less prolific and durable creatures.



EYES: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. “ The eye cannot see itself” is an old Hasidic saying and tells us that is why we have at least two.

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