The Letter M

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MACINTOSH APPLE: a kind of computer technology. Didn't Eve steal the apple from the tree of knowledge. Look what happened to her, a banishment from the beautiful garden. Was this apple a Macintosh?

MAINSTREAM: common, normal, the usual. Big fish don't swim here. Consists of a paradox, being that nobody says they are mainstream but it seems almost everyone is. Also a type of music which embraces many styles but which when mixed is monotone. Nobody says they listen to mainstream music but the record sales show otherwise.

MANAGER: someone paid to make money but receive little themselves. Synonyms; gullible, naive, stupid.

MARBLES: small, round, glass objects. Originally, because of their beauty,

they were called marvels (because of their stunning, magical appearance) but

young children couldn't get their tongue around this word and out would come,

"marbles". Marbles are things we are always losing, the young particularly, get

angry when they lose them when playing.

MARX: a German foreign currency trader in London. Namesake for the German "Deutschemark".

MATERIALISM: the philosophy of fashion, style as evident in clothes, the

material. Modern, free spending, shopaholic women are very materialistic - the size of their wardrobes attest to this. lsn't it ironic that the material girl is Madonna, a

women most known for not wearing much at all.

MAY DAY: a day celebrating something that may be, a worker's paradise. lt is only a co-incidence that it is held on May 01.

McDONALDS: multinational franchise of restaurants. The original was a farm in the mid-west U.S.A. where hearty meals were served to visitors who came to see the animals. Head farmer and CEO is Old Ronald McDonald and the farm is run by an assortment of odd characters; Hamburglar, the Fry Guys, McShake .....

MEDIA: modern communications medium. Very medium, middle of the road, responds to the lowest common denominator. Reflects the mass, mediocrity. The Medici family were the first masters of media.

MEDIEVAL: the Middle Ages, the time between the fall of the Roman empire and the Renaissance (not to be confused with the hotel chain), 350? - 1400? A.D. A time when man was Amid Evil,in the dark (also known as the Dark Ages), a time before Science and Rationalism with its improved binoculars, a time where religion gave man a comforting picture of the universe and existence. There was hell and heaven and man was squashed between. Dante's Divine Comedy described it best. Man was in the middle of evil, rotten to the core. The only salvation lay in the way of the church. You were a believer or a non-believer and thus fit for a burning cross or to be drawn and quartered.

The Medieval man was a fallen creature who in this purgatory or test we call life, must earn his way up to the kingdom of God or fall into eternal damnation, into hell, the infernal pit of fire.

MEMORIES: what we haven't forgotten. Usually the bad things. Dante says, " there is no greater happiness than to recount one's happy days in hell.” My own experience drinking beer at the Legion Hall confirms this statement. But, l ask

as did Benjamin Franklin, " where do our memories go when they aren't being

remembered?" Or more exactly T.S. Eliot has asked, " where is the life we have lost

in living.?". Yes, where or where..…. memories, the corners of my mind sings the song.

METER: a waist high steel device you pay so you can park legally. Approximately one meter high.

MILLION: 1,000,000. The number originated from the fact that millers were

the first to make a lot of quick money in the beginning of the industrial revolution,

becoming the first self made “millionaires".

MINE: a place from which metals are extracted. The first mines were very

valuable and thus contentious. Those who had a stake in them by first putting a

stake in the ground, would declare loudly, " it is mine!”.

MINER: a sick, greedy man who usually has gold fever. Not to be confused with "a minor" , a young miner.

MOLE: a small nimal that gets under your skin and leaves a mark. Moles mke many holes.

MONEY-LAUNDERING: making dirty money clean.  Because paper doesn't react well to water, a more elaborate method involving foreign bank accounts, phony off shore companies and front men is used.

MORNING: Afternoon is the time “after noon.” Easy right? So, what about

morning? ls this the time of mourning? lf so, what's so sad about it? Or perhaps it is

the time of more, a more that beckons?

MORPHINE: a narcotic, the principle component being opium. The bringer of

dreams, from tha Greek word for the god of dreams, Morpheus, son of Hypnos" lsn't

it curious that the word "morph”, a minimal unit of syntax or " sound with meaning ", should evoke the image of the dream - as if it is saying that all meaning ushers

from the dream, that we live a dream that we don't/can't see or remember.

MUM: to be quiet, keep a secret. " Don't tell MOM".

MYSTlClSM: mist + schism, as in Cardinal Newmann's quip, "mysticism begins in mist and ends in schism". Literally meaning from the Greek, to close one's eyes. We close our eyes because of Maya, illusion. There is too much mist before our eyes, we cannot make out things clearly so our eyes look within. Though, as the old Hasidic saying says so well, “the eye cannot see itself”.

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