The Letter G

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GAFFER: a person who is continually making mistakes, readjusting, changing. Term for a “roadie” or set-up man on a movie set. Why isn’t this person known as a “gofter”? see GOFER

GARDENS: places of domesticated, manicured (man he cured) nature. Formerly only the luxury of the rich landowners or royalty, these places had to be guarded, so that rift-ratf didn't spoil their allure. Unfortunately, the garden of Eden wasn't guarded or things might now be so much diflerent.

GENES: a common bodily part. Everybody has them, they come in pairs. Levi was the first capitalist GENIUS, a gene manipulator.

GENTILE: term denoting someone not Jewish, of the Jewish faith (ie. not

having a Jewish mother). Were gentiles gentle? Here we find the idiodicy and

perfection ol sarcasm hidden in language, the word. How could the gentiles who

turned 6 million Jews into ash and corpses be gentle/gentile?. Furthermore, what about all the Gentiles, gently sent into that good night? Half of all the world's gypsies, 4.5 million Soviet POWs sent up the chimney softly by mobile gas ovens? Also,

make no mistake, when I say “gentile” I don't just mean "Germans" and their wish for a Gentile nation but by complicity, all Gentiles. J'accuse! Have Gentiles the right

to this name? It is truly a paradox that Jews would still use the term. Perhaps it

ironically refers not to just gentleness but the banality of evil (Conrad / Arendt). One might also mention how the "gentle" gentiles treat their literary lumberjacks -- endless toil, poverty, misunderstanding, disrespect. One might argue that all writers are Jews, they aren’t “gentrified”.

GERMAN SHEPHERD: a dog originally reared for watching sheep. After WW ll and the devastation, dog eat dog aftermath, many found employment in other

countries, namely N.Z. and Australia.

GERMANY: a country in Western Europe where there are a lot of germs. But is there really? lt always appears so clean, elderly ladies out sweeping the walks every morning. Proves the point that the place with the most germs is a hospital. Appearances can be deceiving.

GIGGLE: to laugh with a closed mouth. lt's opposite is GURGLE which is done with a wide open mouth. When you giggle, you jiggle thus the word's origin.

GLOBE: a big glob

GLOVE: a five fingered hand covering.

GOD: a deity. Dog spelt backwards. ls this why dogs are always so happy and as we say "all dogs go to heaven"?

GOETHE: a late 18th century German philosopher/writer/poet (and aren't all great artists these one thing?) whose name nobody knows how to pronounce correctly. lt is unknown whether he had a first name, if that would help anything.

GOOD: a form of the word GOD. When holding our breath and invoking the name of "God", we produce "good" - perhaps because it gives us just the little extra time to think about things.

GOOGOL: 10 to the power of 100, a one followed by a hundred zeros. A large amount. lf you look at it (or think about it) too long, you get goggle-eyed. We must ask, will Google get to googol?

GROOM: a male to be married. From the French for “gros homme”, a big man according to Appollinaire. Isn't it peculiar that grooms are always so well groomed? (see BRIDE)

GRIPE: sour grapes.

GRUFF: an angry, growly, grrrrrrrrr kind of rough (See ROUGH).

G-STRING: skimpy garment worn to show as much nudity as possible while still being dressed. A misspelling which came about when the first one was knot tied.

GUILT: to regret or feel shame so that you can continue to do what causes this feeling. This arose through the first exploitation of human labour in industrial cities, through guilds, specialized labour. Those that grew rich frorn making these men sweat, work hard and come to an early death through their needing an income to buy the things their ever increasing materialistic desire demanded, experienced guilt. (see CATHOLIC).

GULAG: a prison camp in Siberia noted for the gruel it served inmates and

which became known as "goulash" throughout the Slavic world.

GULLIBLE: easily deceived. Gulls are very gullible. Hold a pencil in front of them and move it slightly left and right. Then reach down and wring its neck. Human's are gullible in somewhat the same way.

GYMNASIUM: 1) a place where physical exercise or games are played. From the Greek root “gummos” meaning naked. Where half naked people sweat and cavort. 2) an academic school. A place to train the half-naked, the savage unclothed youth and thus make them human. Yes, the clothes make the man (or woman).

GYPSY: Can you gyp a gypsy or for that matter jhew a Jew? Demonstrates

how language is used to perpetuate and emphasize stereotypes, to dehumanize

“the other". Were the Crees, creepy?

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