The Letter V

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V.C.R.: a Very Common Relaxative

VENEER: a very thin layer or covering. Superficial value or appearance. Perhaps this is why we “venerate” certain people, make them seem better than they actually are?

VENEREAL: a word connoting sexual desire, relationship. From Venus, the god of Love, to desire. Now how does this love become a disease, and then the disease a disease?

VENTRILOQUIST: to literally speak from the stomach. But how, through the belly button?

VERBOSE: using too many verbs, going on and on and on and on. Unconcise, lacking specifics. Ex. She looked over, went over, bent down, took off her shoe, threw it away, looked up, stayed still and smiling answered the phone saying what she had just done, “l just looked, went over there, bent down .....”. Politicians not wanting as they do, to reveal details are particularly prone to this. 2) this definition.

VETERANS: animal doctors who practised during and survived the war. Many vets were called to serve because of the lack of medical doctors in service and the "dog eat dog" nature of war.

VIOLIN: a stringed musical instrumpnt particularly suited for portraying swift and intense force. ie. violence.

VOLKSWAGEN: literally in German, “the People's Car”. The original one was called a beetle not only because it looked like one but it also symbolized Hitler's dream of crushing the people's will -- stepping on it like a bug and subordinating it to the state. lt was first developed by Porsche who quickly went on to bigger and faster things. Hitler because of the war abandoned the project of a people's car and replaced it with the cattle car.

VIS a VIS: face to face advice regarding your credit card balance and your lifestyle.

aVOID: to disappear into the void, the abyss, a nothingness, thereby not dealing with something. Can you avoid a void? Or for that matter, void a void?

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