The Letter O

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to OBJECT: to say no to all things. Unequivocal. But this is done at the risk of becoming a subject, a thing in and of itself.

OBSCENITY: a scene turned on it's head, upside down. Not the usual, the normal, the expected. Flip the letters OB and you get the same thing but in a different way. Think of oblique, oblivion, obstruct.

ONE BRICK SHORT OF A LOAD”: stupid, not quick minded. A bricklayer's helper. Not known for their intelligence, this term denotes how often they would load the wheelbarrow one brick short because they'd always lose count when loading. Mickey Mouse built a house, how many bricks did he use? Only a bricklayer's helper knows.

ONLY GOD KNOWS”: phrase meaning, " I don't know at all". Reflects our deep seeded religious beliefs and our need to deflect our incompetence and short sightedness onto an all-knowing omnipotent being. But, what if God doesn't know?

ONOMATOPOEIA: from the Greek meaning, to name and make words.

Refers to words that imitate through sound, the thing named. Ex. bang, growl,

cuckoo, cluck. One of the strangiest words in the English language, maybe strange

because it refers to the mystery of how language became, how the first grunts,

groans, shshessss became words, phrases, sentences, ideas. But the word does

point to a rather cruel sense of humor --- something a child might say when they

have to go to the washroom, "on o mato peia ".

OODLES: a large quantity. Possibly from the Greek word oo meaning egg

(why not eggs?). The other more likely origin is from the sound 0E, which is uttered

when we see a large amount of something, as in the phrase, ooe - we! There are

always oodles of egg noodles. oe is also the most frequently used vowel sound in

the English language.

OPTIMISM: to say yes to, to opt for the best. Hopeful. lt is sometimes confused with opportunism but an option is only a potential opportunity. A crisis (a situation with limited options) is a dangerous opportunity.

ORAL SEX: a form of sex that is more talked about than done. AII talk, no action. Pornographic magazines are usually full of it.

ORGASM: extreme sexual arousal. lt is very organic in origin (but some women are known to be able to fake it) and until recent times intended to produce an organism. Some times this organism grew up to play the organ.

ORIENT:  verb. to position oneself so that it is known where you are. During the

early renaissance, with new ideas abounding, poor man was confused by all the

debate, the new sense ol life. Did the sun go around us or did we go around the

sun? Was the moon really made of cheese? We started to look for some solid

answers and turned towards the east, to eastern knowledge. Thus , the word orient

was adopted for this peculiar activity of always needing an answer for where you

are, and where you camo from and particularly, where you are heading.

ORIFICE: oral sex at the office in a hidden place.

OUTLET: Why are the outlets in my house not called inlets? And what do we send out from these outlets? What are the outlets outside called?

OXYMORON: full of hot air. Too much oxygen in the brain. A moron. Anything that doesn't make sense, too high on life, on oxygen.

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