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Jercy Alphabet by gay_weefee
Jercy Alphabetby gay-weefee
COVER ART: Cindersart ✔️ Completed ✔️ Its the alphabet + Jercy what could go wrong oof 26 Jercy oneshots, chapters inspired by the letters of the alphabet //Updates ever...
Drabbles ✓ by Priya_siva
Drabbles ✓by Priya
Cover credit: Sujzwriter❤️ #1 in Drabbles for months. #1 in Arshi. Alphabetical drabble series on our beloved arshi❤️ ➡️SERIES 1: Arnav POV on Khushi {COMPLETED} ➡️SERIE...
A Malec Alphabet by HolyHephaestus
A Malec Alphabetby ALEX
An A-Z of all things Malec! 26 short stories that will take you through the highs and lows of Magnus and Alec. Available in both Spanish and Polish via chapter one. Copy...
Pokemon Creepypastas A.K.A scary stories by kirby64
Pokemon Creepypastas A.K.A scary kirby64
Some Pokemon Creepypastas from the internet. (One story not included).
Glyphers - Oata by JayWStories
Glyphers - Oataby TJGstories
Join the cute, bubbly, but anatomically complicated Oata as she has an adventure underwater and meets the various aquatic creatures below the surface.
FNF Yandere Alphabets by dorkincorporated
FNF Yandere Alphabetsby dork incorporated
Credit for idea! @L-L0NELY_F-FR0GGY Just some alphabets, i'll do one shots maybe when i get better at writing My own template, but feel free to use!
Superflash Oneshots: A-Z by celestialdragon949
Superflash Oneshots: A-Zby Celestial Dragon
Just some Superflash Oneshots filled with fluff and whatnots throughout the letters of the alphabet :)
Solangelo Alphabet by GoldenAuthor13
Solangelo Alphabetby Sammy
This is just a cute little alphabet of Solangelo. Enjoy!
❅۵𝓒𝓱𝓲𝓵𝓭𝓮𝓻 ۵❅ by KitKatAuthor
❅۵𝓒𝓱𝓲𝓵𝓭𝓮𝓻 ۵❅by KitKatAuthor
-Child Reader x Platonic Yandere Youtubers -One shots/Scenarios/Alphabets/Headcannons -Requests are closed -These are their character personas and not the real people
Girls' Sleepover (Part 2 of "Who's Gem is it?") (BETA) by Maddeleine_Is_Here
Girls' Sleepover (Part 2 of "Who' Maddeleine / マドレーヌ
3 weeks later, Y is finally normal and feeling better, but still thinking about what happened 3 weeks ago until G Gave a letter to Y that was written by P and W, invitin...
•••Friday Night Funkin' Oneshots••• by blackpinkinyoareaa_
•••Friday Night Funkin' Oneshots•••by bite me
Hello and welcome to FNF stuff! I turned this into a only oneshots & dirty alphabet book! I really hope you enjoy this book!!! :))) NOTE: Requests are open, new requests...
Mighty Ducks NSFW Alphabet by bankss_girl
Mighty Ducks NSFW Alphabetby Bankss_girl
There is no Goldberg, and I added Rick, scooter and gunnar
Who's Gem is it? (An Alphabet Lore Fanfiction) by Maddeleine_Is_Here
Who's Gem is it? (An Alphabet Maddeleine / マドレーヌ
(Characters belong to Mike Salcedo, the creator of Alphabet Lore) Y finds the Asterisk gem off the ground and asks several letters if the Asterisk gem is theirs or not...
Jiley A-Z Oneshots by _tnsreality
Jiley A-Z Oneshotsby grace
My version of the Jiley A-Z Oneshots. This book is totally dedicated to @jameshair as it was her idea. This is just an altered @_tnsreality version....
Art Stuff I Guess (Hexie's Artbook) by HexieAriana
Art Stuff I Guess (Hexie's Artbook)by Nur Ariana Insyirah
Just nothing other than drawings and more-!
alphabet lore x reader oneshots by Bloodlolisasimp
alphabet lore x reader oneshotsby average fanfic writer
since my satire fanfic got some attention im making this. if anyone requests O or L im actually killing myself 💀 /nsrs
Homocidally uncontrollable (Alphabet Lore AU) by h43rtycrazy
Homocidally uncontrollable ( Hearty😌💅✨
Well, we know the LMNOP with Q and X but, there's something is pretty off with M which Q realized, noticing letters, were found dead in unexplainable ways, Homocide... o...
Aot nsfw alphabet  by SheVillain22
Aot nsfw alphabet by Mystery chick
Haven't seen many of these so figured I'd do one. Levi Erwin Eren Armin Jean Hanji Annie Mikasa
Enderman Language Guide by MagickIsSpeltWrong
Enderman Language Guideby Magick
Hello! This will just be a short little guide to help with the enderman language :D It includes the alphabet, how to type enderman, helpful tips, short sentences, parag...