Learning Chinese as a beginner  by ScarBeauty
Learning Chinese as a beginner by CarolynHGQ
欢迎! Welcome! This book intended to assist those who are : ✔ interested in learning chinese as their foreign language ✔ having a hard time self-learning ✔ learning for...
  • learningchinese
  • chinese
  • indonesia
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Learn Korean Through K-Pop by AmbassadorsKO
Learn Korean Through K-Popby Wattpad 한국 대사
For the English speakers of the AmbassadorsKO community. Learn new words and grammar through K-Pop lyrics!
  • lyrics
  • learn
  • grammar
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Learn Japanese by Akaru2002
Learn Japaneseby Noa Bouw
A book to learn Japanese. The title says all. I'm still learning by myself too. If you have questions, just ask me, I'll do everything to answer your question! 😉
  • learn
  • easy
  • willekeurig
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Interesting Words by Lucelent
Interesting Wordsby ❥Riley
A book of words that are mostly unknown, or just interesting to me.
  • interesting
  • unknown
  • vocabulary
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How To: Wattpad Writing by twelveintheam
How To: Wattpad Writingby hurricane 🌙
Previously 'How to Make a Decent Story on Wattpad.' Have you ever found writing on Wattpad to be difficult? Have you ever stared at the screen for minutes, hours, DAYS...
  • how-to
  • wattpad
  • diaogue
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Learn French by calebh12
Learn Frenchby calebh12
Learning a new language can be intimidating. However, you may not even know it, but you already know dozens of French words from everyday English! Learn French with this...
  • study
  • grammar
  • topics
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Writing Tips by TristenCarlile
Writing Tipsby Tristen Carlile
Need help with your writing? Here are vocabulary words, different ways to end your chapter or story, and much, much more!
  • writingtips
  • tips
  • writinglessons
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words i guess by champagnebangtan
words i guessby ♡ruby
a collection of pretty words for your enjoyment
  • random
  • words
  • dictionary
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Weekly Writing Tips✍🏽☕️ by Sashaxoxopeace
Weekly Writing Tips✍🏽☕️by 🌸ℓιρsтιcк sтαιηε∂🌸
A series of tips, tricks, advice, and hacks for writing. From Fan-fiction to book covers I strip it all down to bring you tons of secrets that myself and others use! ✰Up...
  • advice
  • tips
  • guide
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The Bunker by 22ryount
The Bunkerby Satchel
A group of four teenagers wake up in a bunker with no recollection of how they got there or why, and they desperately want to get home.
  • supernatural
  • ya
  • experiment
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vocabulary ➸ words and phrases [ ∞ ] [ ✄ ] by insomniac_aesthetic
vocabulary ➸ words and phrases [ ∞...by boy oh boy
➸ lowercase intended ➸ completed!! soon to be alphabetized ➸ the sequel is out! {started; july 31, 2017} {completed; march 20, 2018} {revised; xx-xx-20xx}
  • help
  • firstbook
  • 200words
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Action Writing Tips by action
Action Writing Tipsby Action
A few shared tips and tricks to fire up those engines and get the creative juices pumping again, all to write the best action stories ever.
  • help
  • improve
  • writingguide
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EXQUISITE WORDS by mystiibear
ON GOING | A collection of words and definitions from all over the world that I find particularly beautiful. Great for usernames, poetry, or simply building your vocabul...
  • quotes
  • editing
  • language
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Learn English Mini-Stories by davebaileyme
Learn English Mini-Storiesby Dave Bailey
Mini-story lessons with audio that you can use to build your ESL vocabulary and improve your listening skills and pronunciation so that you can speak better English. Dow...
  • tesl
  • englishteacher
  • efl
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Word for Word: A guide to improve your writing by chaos_flare
Word for Word: A guide to improve...by C. D. Flamond
Ever wanted a comprehensive guide on everything about writing? Well, here you go! I'll be covering everything from plotting to world-building, grammar and sentence struc...
  • howto
  • structure
  • plots
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Help With Writing by MoyliciouslyHigh
Help With Writingby Moy
Okay so this is the type of book I wanted to see on Wattpad. I didn't find any. So I created one. I hope it helps you with your writing. Because it is helping me with mi...
  • said
  • vocabulary
  • grammar
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K-Pop Dictionary [Editing] by zicovirus
K-Pop Dictionary [Editing]by zicovirus
If you are a newbie k-popper, this is the book for you! In this book, I talk about many commonly used and known terms among fellow k-poppers and even include recommended...
  • kdramas
  • asian
  • hangul
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Korean Vocabulary by deynadana
Korean Vocabularyby Dana
Learn more Korean Words!
  • learn
  • vocabulary
  • korea
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Vocabs for a Naughty~ books by _Daddy_Pina_Coladas_
Vocabs for a Naughty~ booksby IF YOU LIKE PINA COLADAS!!!
vocabs I found from websites and think are useful for your stories ;)
  • random
  • vocabulary
  • rated17
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Vocabulary Words To Use by EllieLynn23
Vocabulary Words To Useby BTS Lover ♡
нoneѕтly, ι jυѕт мade тнιѕ ғor мe ѕo ι can тry тo ѕтυdy and υѕe тнeѕe wordѕ ѕoмeтιмe ιn тнe ғυтυre. enjoy anywayѕ! тнιѕ ιѕ wнere ι'м geттιng тнe wordѕ ғroм : vocaвυlary...
  • ѕtudy
  • words
  • vocabulary
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