The Letter K

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K: the eleventh letter of the English alphahet. A broken number eleven, a useless first letter of a word, ex. know, knife, knight. Is in conspiracy with the letter N, arch enemy of the letter C. lnfiltrated English first as a Chinese character. lf you look close you can see a similarity.

KIDDING: to joke, to act like a kid. The phrase, "just kidding" is every adults

admission that they are a kid at heart.

KIND: to be nice, gentle. From the word “kin” -- in the past, people were only kind to their kin, their own kind. Children are usually always kind (or are they just perceived this way?) so we have the German, “kinder” and “kinder garden”, a kinder garden for children.

KING: a male sovereign monarch, the people's father. We are all the king's kin. Once the head of state he was related to everyone (a form of the I'etat c'est moi).

KITCHEN: a chicken who having eaten mouldy strawberries thrown down by the farrner, gets drunk, stumbles around and clucks a lot of stupidity. Henny Penny in that famous story about the sky falling is this kind of hen.

KITSCH: filler, without substance, unfullfilling. Usually possessed by those who eat lightly on quiche. A “let them eat cake”


KLEENEX: clean once before. What you wipe your eyes with after your previous girlfriend (ex) tells you that she was mistaken about having aids and/or being pregnant and really is clean.

KNEE: these are very much needed.

KNOWLEDGE: what is known. lt is arrived at through always standing before a ledge (preferably with a big drop-off) and starring into the abyss. The abyss consists of all that is old, that was. We stand higher in the now on the edge of knowing. Knowledge in the sense of Plato being, the capacity to link the new with the old, to connect.

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