The Letter B

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BABBLE: to talk without sense (non sense), as in , “lt is all Greek to me” (hasn't Greek culture made the most sense? But of course with don't understand it to the letter). Originates from the biblical story of the Tower of Babylon, where the people of Mesopotamia decided to build a tower to heaven so they could share in the spoils and splendour of paradise brought to earth. God, being the ultimate (penultimate?) narcissist, was too lazy to destroy the tower but instead made

everyone speak a different tongue, language. Unable to work together, to communicate ( and here it might be bene- ficial to think about Marx's theory on the

origins of language -- as necessarily evolving from proliteriate man's attempt to work together on the first communal work project), they disbanded and scattered to the four corners of the globe (if that is possible) giving us the magnificently multilingual world we have today.

BACON, FRANCIS: Lord Chancellor of England in the 1600's who went to

the trough too often and was disgraced when sentenced to life imprisonment for

corruption and embezzlement. An advocate of the monarchy and the well fed, he is

mostly remembered for his expounding of the view that science gave man power

over nature and was a panacea for man's ills. Over inflated reputation, memorable

name. Sounds a lot like "frying bacon".

BADDILLAX: a lemon of a Cadillac.

barking. (Koestler, The Act of Creation).

BAND: from the word to bend, to wrap around thus, bending. The first musical bands were circles of performers who played while people danced amid their circle, their band. Now, with more geometrically linear thinking, bands have

become straighter, the music has been broken up and stretched out into a line.

BANDANA: a head band. They were first worn by banana pickers to keep the sweat from their eyes as they looked up at the trees, perhaps envious of the monkeys they once had so leisurely been.

BANKRUPT: to cause a rupture in the bank's profit statement due to your inability to pay. Synonymous with the phrase, “to go for broke”. With banks being so driven not to save money but to make money (see PROFIT MOTIVE) and produce a large profit statement, the real rate of bankruptcy has decreased as banks invest not in people's dreams but paper dreams.

BARGE: a large, flat, bulky vessel used for transporting bulky goods (usually raw materials). Very cumbersome and prone to barging into things

BARK: 1) the skin covering a tree. 2) the sound an English dog makes (so

does a Pekingese or a Chihuahua "bark" and what about a German shepherd?).

Dogs are always barking up the the wrong tree.

BAROMETER: a breathalyser (and why don't we say, breath-analyser) at a

drinking establishment. lt tells us whether it might rain on our party or not.

a BASKET CASE": insane or crazy. Little Bed Riding Hood was a basket

case. Why did she go out in the dangerous woods alone? Why did she not

recognize the wolf, how could he have looked like her grandmother? Another fine

example is the Easter Bunny. Why should a bunny bring eggs? Why not a hen?

BAROUE: a type of boat principally developed during the Baroque period.

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