The Letter L

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LABOR: to work hard, often painfully. Women labour the most but receivethe least in society, God's gift to man they are. Did they take a ribbing?

LABOR POOL: 1) a place where mothers give birth underwater. 2) the amount of available workers in a capitalist society. These are mostly men who as the modern entrepreneur and corporatist would make us believe, are all sitting around the pool drinking margarita's and sucking up sun and the country's hard earned wealth.

the LAW OF THE JUNGLE: the law that there is no law. Very animalistic, the

law is an ass. lf nothing is against the law, does that mean all is tor it?

LAY-OFF: to be put aside, laid off the corporate elevator or ladder. To become human but hungry again.

LEFT WINGED: lcarus was the original prototype of the left-winger. These

political radicals believe in heaven on earth and in their efforts to fly straight are

always burnt by the sun. All adventurers have been left - winged. This can be seen by the prevalence of exploration of the world in the westerly direction ( to the left ). Orientals, being so well oriented, are the most unwinged, earthly, grounded, scrupulous and spiritually infinite on earth -- no heavens on earth here.

Those that are left leaning can be distinguished by their response to the word

"freedom". lt is the right of all but nowhere can they find it ( as in Rousseau's worn

phrase, "Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains.'). They want their cake

and to eat it too (but not Marie Antoinette's unhealthy "gateau"). A left winger

generally walks bent over, burdened. Thin, unkept, sorrowful, it is as if he or she

were suffering with ball and chain. Many believe in bread and circuses but never

would be caught dead at one (they usually aren't Christian). They too believe in

butter before guns but curiously the most remembered leftists (Mao (and did he like cats?), Che) have all cried guns before butter.

LIE: (verb) to be in bed with the devil. ln doing so you lose your V for virtuosity.

LIE:  (noun). not the truth. A bed we all lie upon. Many lies are told in bed. We are all lies, life a futile search for truth, for in the end we all lie, lie in a bed of death. Yes,

this is a grave matter. Many people in a difficult situation resort to lies, the easy way

out. Having made their bed, they have to lie in it.

LIGHT: not very heavy. Light is tight, every second 4 Ibs. weigh upon the earth.

The question is; does this mean the sun is light and if so why do we continue to circle 'round it like children singing, hands joined around a campfire?

LIKENESS: a resemblance, a look a like. A picture of the Lockness monster is a Lockness likeness.

LIMP: what a French imp does

LINGERIE: a French word for a place where dirty clothes (linge) were brought to be washed. Woman usually were the one's bringing the clothes and store owners quick to make an additional profit started selling woman's underclothes here, on the side.

LITTER: from the French “lit”or bed. Literally, to spoil the bed.

LOBBY: political tennis. The politician rushes the net while the lobbyist hired by a self-interest group feigns a passing shot ( a what will happen if ...), a shot from the hip but then instead with top spin hits a lob and sends the issue into the back court.

LOTTERY: a lot of people play but not many win.

LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR: what most have most in common. Usually food or shelter ( based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs ) but certain mystical religions believe it is sex. Also the two things that are unavoidable, death and taxing life.

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