The Letter H

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 HAG: an unsightly, outcast, old woman. From the Scottish word “haggard”, for a female hawk. She usually looks like haggis, that traditional Scottish dish of animal innards.A hag usually wears rags, nags and has old bags under her eyes. She also haggles a lot. Ex. the witches of Macbeth.

HAIRBRAINED: outrageous, foolhardy. Originates from our early days when we lived in mortal fear of hairy animals. Since that time any idea which was dangerous, stupid, crazy was deemed “hairbrained”.

HAMBURGER: a meat sandwich named after the city of Hamburg in Germany, where the highest concentration of burgers lived.

HARP: verb,  to continually dwell upon a certain topic. Did the first person to harp, do so because of an annoying harp player? Did they kill him or her with a harpoon?

HAT'S OFF!”: a statement of congratulations, a paying of one's respect to another. Originates from the practice of tipping or lifting one's hat in greeting others.

HAVE NOT:half not, undeserving, not having, poor.

HAVOC: a state of disorder, chaos. Havoc comes from the root of "to have ",

the condition of having too many things thus in this state of complexity, nonsimplicity, we lack control and being. Things control us and we go off hilt. The present time is incurably ill, havoc filled, because of our unceasing materialism. We have too much and disorder ensues. "My barn having burnt down, I could now see the moon.” This ancient Japanese saying unmasks havoc by the clearing light of

the moon.

HAZARD: something to be avoided, dangerous. ln French it means "chance". But people are attracted to danger, smoking is hazardous to out health but how many millions puff on? People climb mountains or throw themselves off bridges (with a bungee cord attached). The greatest "chance" activity, gambling, prolilerates against all odds. One only has to be stuck in a convenience store with a loaf of bread in hand waiting in a long line as others skilfully play the lottery ahead, to be acutely aware of this. lf not, a trip to Las Vegas would enlighten.

So, is what is hazardous, hazardous? Maybe it is all a ruse? Or maybe we humans

have a great self destructive streak, a blemish which grows in the name of hope, life.

We are perhaps as Dostoevsky said, against ourselves, hazardous by nature. We

would stick pins in our self just to have a little bit of amusement, we prefer to do the

wrong thing. Only in this way are we human. So hazard is our defining quality, all

life being a proposition filled with so much chance it will never be explained. Mystery.

HER: Why was Ben a Her and not a Him?

HIGHWAY: a road that is better than the rest, formerly meaning on high ground. ln this way the road had less mud to wade through. Exemplified in the song and biblical phrase, “ You take the low road and l'll take the high road and l'll be in (Scotland before thee.”. But these high roads were also very dangerous places despite their advantages. The rich travelled here often and this led to highway robbery. Those taking the high way have always had to pay a high price in this life, for life in the hereafter.

HOLIDAY: a holy day. a day off from the toil, pain and suffering of living, or as it became known, 'making a living". Given respite and rest, we should turn our eyes towards God.

HOOSA: a battle cry. Delirious noise. Just a wonderful word! lt says it all. 

HORNY: horn like, to grow hard like a horn. Women rarely experience this quality.

HOSPITAL: a place for the sick. Not from the word hospitable. lf you ever want to get sick, recent studies have confirmed the fact that the best (worst) place to go would be a hospital. lsn't it ironic?

HUSTLE: what a hussy does. (see BUSTLE)

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