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re:Happiness | Cell Phone Novel by lastwill-
re:Happiness | Cell Phone Novelby wallen (on hiatus)
「 Can you teach me how to be happy? 」 Fujiwara Ao has been living the past nineteen years of his life in ease. Born with the ideal background and blessed with...
Memories (Of Dreams and Demons) by JCurby
Memories (Of Dreams and Demons)by Jason C
Genre: Fantasy Surrealism. Tales of the Realm Book 1. Two children share memories of their lives, and in doing so open the door to a dark but beautiful realm. In this la...
Truth of madness  by iehafiz
Truth of madness by Freeze
#1 in endtime. #1 in adventure #20 in poetry #3 in surrealism #1 in avant-garde #6 in kindle C33 is sentenced to death for killing his lovers. Though the court has fo...
Living memory by trees_child
Living memoryby Groot
Everyday life, the past and its relics called memories Surrealism of what we remember and how we feel Start 20.10.22
Dearest, child! by iehafiz
Dearest, child!by Freeze
#1surrealism. #1poetry #1existentialism #1love --- about growing, age and gripping activities around asses godly. Written to and what, by what I love, Joy!
Never by parasocialite
Neverby 𝕮𝖍𝖑𝖔𝖊
"If you can fly don't stop at the sky cause there's footprints on the moon..."
escapril 2022. by M1CHY30
escapril death after noon
escapril 2022 - all prompts in the order and format that i posted them on quora. some may be lumped together. all poems are very short, bear with me. most are written in...
Cloud Chasers by writeyourname97
Cloud Chasersby Robert Peterson
[EDITORS' PICK] Joyce Blackbird is a bored aspiring writer who just entered her adult years. The world around her frustrates her and disrupts her inspiration to write. ...
How To Survive In A Dump: The Diary of Mr. Thaddeus by AndrewPeterkin
How To Survive In A Dump: The Andrew Peterkin
His name is Mr. Thaddeus. A young man born into wealth and prestige writes of his experiences with those who now serve under him from his own unique perspective. One whe...
The Demise of Innocence by BroonsMadrigals
The Demise of Innocenceby Dichotomy
A young couple residing in the Isle of the Blessed adopts an albino baby girl. But this girl is more just a human girl. She is something that only two colors know the tr...
Retos surrealistas by SurrealismoES
Retos surrealistasby SurrealismoES
¡No podía faltar una sección así en nuestro perfil! En este apartado iremos publicando diversos desafíos para tratar de difundir el surrealismo entre la comunidad de Wat...
((ROUGH DRAFT)) A Mouth That Says 'I Want' by SaraJacksonJihad
((ROUGH DRAFT)) A Mouth That Sara L. Jackson
((BE ADVISED: THIS IS A FIRST DRAFT)) ((This is on wattpad as a back up for my google drive file. I don't recommend reading this. This is posted for storage purposes...
Déjalo Salir by ItsMadelineHatter
Déjalo Salirby Andi Ore.o
Un cuento surrealista que hice para la clase de literatura, en la que escribiríamos un cuento surrealista a partir de la imagen de un ojo :)
o, gardenia by bloodynymph
o, gardeniaby ♡
the supernova in me is bursting [2017]
Sunday by adroite
Sundayby Frankie
"I'm not really superstitious." "You should be." © adroite 2017
Flights of Fancy by writeyourname97
Flights of Fancyby Robert Peterson
There is another dimension beyond that which is known to fictional characters. A collection of short stories, poems, snippets, vignettes, and everything else that crosse...
A Silly Love Tale - Só mais uma história de amor. by Leo_Abreu
A Silly Love Tale - Só mais uma Leo Abreu
Um conto diferente sobre como se sente o amor.
The Librarian by Cryspr
The Librarianby Cryspr
More flash fiction, about a very lost librarian...
Nature / Nurture lyrics  by jamesrobertjames
Nature / Nurture lyrics by jamesrobertjames
Lyrics from the album Nature / Nurture Listen: