The Letter F

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FALL OUT: the effect of an act, specically pertaining to nuclear explosions. So named because the main symptoms of the disease of dropping nuclear bombs on inhabited areas was that the "survivors" hair fell out completely.

the FAMOUS: well known people who foster the ill founded belief in us that fame can be had by anyone irregardless of how fat, stupid, boring, lazy, unkept they are. The famous are the original founding fathers ofAmerica, the land of photo opportunity.

FAST FOOD: rice cakes or any food particularly devoid of nutritional content. Most food joints are iumping because one must eat particularly large amount to satisfy one's hunger. Note the symbolism in the word “fast, also meaning not just “quick” but to refrain from eating altoghether. An ad man’s epiphany.

FATIGUES: army wear, clothes. So these make soldiers tired, fatigued? Maybe they are too heavy? lf so, why don't they get rid of them given their need for quick response? Or are they iust tired of wearing the same thing every day? Why not

just call them "energetiques" or simply "get-up-and-goes"?

FAX: to send written information over the phone lines. Not friendly towards

social conversation, a just the facts procedure.

FIDDLE: to tinker with something, to waste time nervously as in when one

plays the fiddle. Stop fiddling with the fiddle, you old fiddle fart!, my mother would

yell at my father as his tinkered with his toy. Why the phrase, “fit as a fiddle? ". Can a fiddle be fit, or is it a shortened form of

"fit as a fiddle player"? Fiddle players can

really work up a sweat especially when they play against the devil. Also, the fiddle is a riddle like anything in the middle, stuck between heaven and hell. See VIOLIN.

FILL: to make larger by addition. The word full was made larger, "filled" by replacing the letter "i" with a "u" . Fill became full. lf we add another "u" we get too fuull. lf we take one "u" away, we get something incomplete, awful.  The past tense of many words is made in a similar fashion, filled out with a longer vowel, to make the past full (because our memories are so thin, so poor perhaps?). ex. drink - drank, sing - sang, fight - fought. but then, why don't we full something if we filled it yesterday?

FINGERS: we have ten of them but many people who speak other languages have twenty. They have a much easier time in letting "their fingers do the


FINLAND: the land where the world ends. Land where live orderly people who always finish things.

FIT:  in good condition, not fAt.

FLATTER:  to appeal to a person’s vanity through compliments. This usually comes as a shock to the receiver who is litterly,  “knocked flat”, that is, knocked off their feet.

FOND: if you are fond, it makes you start fondling. But if you love, you want

to possess.

FOREST: a good place for rest from the hectic pace of the polis, the city.

FRIDAY: Old English originating from the Christian “fish day”, the day we fry fish.

FUMBLE: to drop,to not do smoothly. Originally, "thumble", meaning - being all thumbs. This was hard to say and became "fumble". 

FUNDAMENTALISM: Orthodox religious fervor. A belief in certain moral

imperatives or "fundamentals". First coined in, 1919 ( after the World War, lists of

30,000 men killed, published every day) by twoL.A.businessmen, Lyman and Milton

Stewart who published and underwrote the cost of 12 million volumes of religious

propaganda titled "The Fundamentals" (Malise Huthven, The Divine Supermarket).

Fundamentalism is as much about funds as belief. Rlecent examples include the

Ayatollah's (or the I told ya) Fatwah and sponsorship of international terrorism.

Oral Roberts calling for I million in donations or the good Lord will "recall" him. The Moral Maiority's healthy bank account and dinner bills in Washington, The Atheists Of America absconding with untold millions ....

Fundamentalism expounds the modern belief that money buys salvation, moral

purity or if it doesn't we at least had a good time pushing other's faces into the mud.

It reflects the paradoxical view that as matorialism supersedes all other "modes of

living", it destroys the possibility of genuine spirituality, yet inceases the need for

divine guidance. Through the sieve of materialistic ideology ( dialectical or not), we

create some rules to justify our own transgressions / accumulations, as well as those

of our enemies who would be in our way of acquiring more. Jesus may have been on the right (but not righteous) road when he pared down the commandments into

two fundamentals, 1) Love God with all thy heart and soul  2) Love thy neighbour as if he were yourself. We now await he who can make of these but one, so the world will become fundamentally sound, one sound.

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