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{Mostly Dirty} Dictionary Definitions by LemonScentedRolePlay
{Mostly Dirty} Dictionary Definiti...by LemonScentedRolePlay
In this book I'll be defining dirty and suggestive words and their definitions to educate and ruin the innocence of wattpad readers who dare read this book (though if yo...
  • dirtydictionary
  • fetish
  • dictionary
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Love||Dictionary  by Casperilla
Love||Dictionary by Naomi
|First book in the Dictionary Series| Love Naomi Redfield is your average 16 year old, an Anorexic, Emo, Androgyne, Asexual, Panromantic, Animal Loving, Anxious teen. He...
  • androgyne
  • love
  • naomiredfield
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Dictionary by Sibi21
Dictionaryby socially.awkward
[Short Story] When Robin Park is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, her entire world seems to change. Her only constant is the Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionar...
  • girlxgirl
  • lesbian
  • taygetsthegay
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Fix That Bitch: A Foul-Mouthed Guide to Grammar by Dark_Writes
Fix That Bitch: A Foul-Mouthed Gui...by Clayton Chandler
English classes suck, but that's no excuse to write like a bitch. Sling sentences like a pro and make your beta readers cry with frustration! Keep this guidebook handy...
  • rules
  • dictionary
  • humor
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Words by MobSquad
Wordsby Mob Squad
[THIS BOOK IS IN ENGLISH.] Having struggles coming up with words suitable enough to put in your stories? Wanting to use a different word because, oh goodness, the words...
  • fuzzilin
  • lin
  • vocab
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Beautiful Words Dictionary by magicquails
Beautiful Words Dictionaryby magicquails
Here's some beautiful words to help you improve your writing! None of these are my pictures, I just found them online on Google and Buzzfeed. Started on 2/12/16 Complete...
  • definition
  • adjectives
  • inspired
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WORDS.  by KenzieFaithWrites
WORDS. by kenzie faith 😇
This book is strictly about words and how they are translated through the mind of a troubled teen trying to Make it.
  • writing
  • hatelove
  • smile
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Modern Dictionary by SouthBeachKilla
Modern Dictionaryby Random
Dear Wattpad readers this right here is the best dictionary you can get. For all you people you will learn slang words you heard before there will be a lot of dirty shit...
  • southbeachkilla
  • dictionary
  • funny
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writer's dictionary  by scamanderr
writer's dictionary by ray of sunshine
where a logophile shares their favorite words
  • aesthetic
  • chill
  • writing
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Writing Tips by TristenArcher
Writing Tipsby Tristen Archer
Need help with your writing? Here are vocabulary words, different ways to end your chapter or story, and much, much more!
  • creativewriting
  • descriptive
  • writing
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The Lover's Dictionary || Tradley One Shots ||  by TiredTris
The Lover's Dictionary || Tradley...by Teenage Spooky Shit
A love story in 26 definitions, snapshots of Brad and Tris' life together. The downs, the ups, and the everything in-betweens. (All Tris' PoV) ((None of these are in a...
  • sad
  • shots
  • one
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LGBTQ+ Dictionary by sidushayden
LGBTQ+ Dictionaryby astronaut sidus
My description is gone
  • lgbt
  • pansexual
  • lesbian
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The Cybertron Thesaurus by mysticauthor-chan
The Cybertron Thesaurusby I am Iron Man.
Need help on how to learn stuff the Cybertronians talks about their anatomy? Read here and find out! Made [8/21/17] Finished [8/22/17] NEW SHORT RECORD OF COMPLETING A B...
  • thesaurus
  • anatomy
  • cybertron
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Fawnfrost's Words & Rants by _fawnfrost_
Fawnfrost's Words & Rantsby Fawn
A list of words I find deep. Rants about random stuff. This book is purely for my own entertainment.
  • dictionary
  • rants
  • thoughts
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Slang Words by johnsonsdesire
Slang Wordsby Z
Here are the slang words, you have to use it^-^ so read it
  • lol
  • dictionary
  • humour
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Dictionary: Interesting Words by startrekds9
Dictionary: Interesting Wordsby startrekds9
These are interesting words and their definition. Some you may know others you may not.
  • interesting
  • dictionary
  • knowledge
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logophile by grapejamjoon
logophileby nic
(n.) » a lover of words are you a logophile? then this is for you. this is basically like a dictionary.
  • word
  • vocabulary
  • dictionary
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Urban Dictionary by jxssyca
Urban Dictionaryby Dimples
Your awesome source of hilarious urban slang. Don't take it too seriously.
  • translations
  • cool
  • urban
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Sexuality Dictionary by GayFanfics_
Sexuality Dictionaryby Shipper of the Gay
Since sexualities are such a confusing topic, I figured I'd create this dictionary. Maybe it will help you figure out who you are. <3 Disclaimer: these terms are not...
  • helpful
  • sexuality
  • love
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A Dictionary For The Resilient by stardustful
A Dictionary For The Resilientby :)
here's a self written dictionary for all of the words that describe your pain, your power, your strength, and your resilience. highest rank | #40 © copyright to stardust...
  • poetry
  • words
  • poetrybook
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