Chapter Twenty: Something wicked

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My feet didn't stop until I was at least eight blocks away from him. I was panting but I was so excited. I yelled out, purely happy. I was free!!! At last, I was free!! People stared as extended my arms and spun in circles. But I didn't care. I was no longer stuck with Paul. I could now go the police and tell them that Paul had killed my parents. Wait! I stopped spinning. How could I prove that Paul had murdered my parents when there were no corpses or evidence. My mouth tasted waxy. What can I do? I ran towards the nearest building for help. Maybe they can point me towards the nearest police station. A bright neon sign greeted me, Blood Club. Oh God, I just had to go to a club for help. Not only that but a GOTH club.  A bunch of pasty-faced Goths approached me.

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