Chapter Twenty-Three: Insecurites

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I stared up at the stage. The crowd surging around me, waiting. Paul grabbed the mike waving his hand to the lead guitarist. He nodded and started playing softly. Paul softly sang into the mike.
My ears rang a little bit.
Paul glanced at me. I blushed looking down. He frowned and continued

Paul beckoned to me. I shook my head. He looked agitated. He made eye contact with a security guy, nodding in my direction. The guy came over, bald and beefy. " Mr. Lockhart wants to speak with you. Please follow me." He rested his arm lightly on my forearm. I pulled back " No! You can't make me go with you." There was no way the crowd wouldn't notice someone getting pulled towards the crowd, instead of the door.

He twisted my arm behind my back so hard I saw stars. The lights were flashing, blinding me. People screamed, my ears rang. No one is going to notice, I thought, no one. I faintly heard Paul's voice above everything else
I swayed unsteady. The security guard whispered in my ear " You are a very lucky girl. Our lord and master has chosen you! You must show proper respect!" He yanked on my arm again. I cried out. The guard cuffed me. I ran for the door. He grabbed me spinning me around " Watch him!" He ordered forcing my head to watch Paul. Paul looked confused but grinned widely.

The last few rifts played; the lights turned off. The crowd was obviously not expecting this, mummers of disapproval and confusion rose. The security guard's grip tightened painfully then loosened. What the heck? I moved forward my arms extended; nothing restrained me. Where did he go and why are the lights out? A woman screamed. People tensed waiting. Two painful minutes passed. My heart raced. My stomach hurt. A growl erupted from the center of the crowd. People panicked. An elbow hit me in the face. I was pushed. Suddenly a strobe light went on. Momentarily lighting up the room. What I saw made me scream.

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