Chapter Two: New beginnings

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The screams and snarls of the undead would have given me pause before in my dream, but now it strengthened my resolve to see what lay beneath the man's hood. I rushed up to him, spinning him around this time, unable to control myself. I immediately let go of his arm, stumbling backwards. He smiled, his lips pulling back to reveal shiny teeth. He nodded at the creatures behind me, intent on carrying out their murderous rampage, but I couldn't look away from his eyes. Green, but the most unusual shade I'd ever seen. Even as claws sliced off my flesh, I still couldn't tear my gaze away from the stranger. As they finally overwhelmed me, I realized the name of the color: chartreuse green.
The loud purr of my fat cat served as a makeshift alarm clock that morning, begrudgingly demanding that I start my day. Shifting slightly onto my side, my foot bumped into her low-hanging stomach. "Really, Cleo?!" I growled out, pushing back the covers. Once again, she'd fully extended herself over my feet, leading to me sleeping with my back in a severely uncomfortable angle. I loved her, but Christ I hated waking up to her. Was she not fed yet? I glanced at my gray watch before laying back down. 8:30, there was no way she hadn't already been fed. "Tricky, tricky, fat kitty." I murmured before closing my eyes again....wait, 8:30?! Calc started in half an hour! Exactly how long it would take me to drive to campus!
I leap out of bed, grabbing my jeans from off the ground and snagging a tee shirt from one of the moving boxes by my door. In two weeks, I would be moving into a studio along with my cat. Shoving my feet into my tennis shoes, I slung my backpack over my shoulder. Ow! I forgot to take out my Bio 180 textbook! How the hell was I going to make?!
At 9:03, I crept surreptitiously up the stairs of the lecture hall, my fly undone and my shirt inside out. Spotting Aaron's golden blonde hair, I made my way quickly over. Looking up at me as I sat down, he quickly had to smother a chuckle, "What time did you wake up?" I discreetly zipped up my fly before turning to grab my notebook out, "Too goddamn late to make it on time. I need a new alarm clock."
"You know, you could always move in with me." He smiled, turning forward again. I blushed, Aaron and I had been dating for less than three months when he'd first suggested that we move in together. I'd gently told him no. I was still interested in him, he was just moving too quickly. I then tried tuning into the lecture, another riveting lecture on integrals. I sighed, flipping to my Biology notes. Might as well study something else. I could always focus on studying for biology. Especially neurobiology, being absolutely fascinated by the anatomy and physiology of the brain.
"Excuse me, could you please move your backpack?" A silvery voice politely asked. I jerked, glancing to my right. A man about my height with electric green eyes was attempting to sit next to me. "I'm sorry!" I squeaked, frantically shoving my stuff in front of my knees. He snickered, placing his equally bright green backpack down.
"Hah! Your backpack matches your eyes." I blurted out before I could stop myself.
He snickered, turning to face me. "My backpack is the same color as my eyes or it's complimentary to them?" My cheeks heated up "The shade of your eyes is the same. They're super bright green, like --glow in the dark green stick green. Actually, they're not quite that intense. They look more like these one type of flowers I love. I think they're called 'Green Star' or something like that. But Chartreuse is what they are, your eyes, I mean. I'm Rika btw. Rika Greene. And yeah I know, how ironic that the person ranting about some obscure color has a last name of the same color." I deeply swallowed, finishing up the most disjointed, inarticulate explanation I'd ever given.
His chestnut brown eyebrows furrowed as he processed my rant, " Is it customary to give someone a specific color to be likened to a Gladiolus upon being politely asked to move one's belongings?"
"Is it customary to use an overly formal manner of speech in a 21st classroom?" I retorted, under my breath. Aaron grasped my hand, whispering "I don't have to worry about you two getting close, do I?" I turned towards him, shaking my head. I ignored the man next to me for the rest of class, instead finally focusing on the lecture.

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