Chapter Eleven: Personal

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He grinned leaning forward. His chest touched mine. I practically was hyperventilating while he stood breathing calmly and evenly. He frowned and gently pushed me away a bit. I moved a inch. He smiled grasping my wrists with his soft tan hands. They felt so great on my skin, making my insides feel like jello. I suddenly had an urge to kiss him; against my better judgment. He whispered seductively in my ear, " Give into me." He swept his face from my ear all along my jaw line, " You know you want to." I shivered. He smirked and slowly pushed me onto the couch. He sat up against the couch directly in front on me. " So, Rika, tell me a little about yourself. What food do you like? What are your favorite flowers? How do feel about sex? Have you ever had sex? Do have any stalkers? How long have you and Aaron been dating? How serious are you?" I blushed. " You can't just ask someone that! Its not polite." I said gritting my teeth. He looked amused " So, I'm not being polite? Tough. I saved your life I think a little compensation is what I want." He climbed onto the couch hovering over me. " I tried moving to the other side but he thrust his hands right near my head not letting me move an inch. " What do you want?" I whimpered, he leaned forward until his face was touching me along with his whole body. I was pinned underneath his giant frame. I squirmed causing him to laugh coldly, I felt him shake. He whispered in a husky tone" Come now, Rika what do I want?" He nipped my ear causing my skin to crawl in a not totally unpleasant sensation. " I want to repay you. In the way a woman as beautiful and desperate as you should...I want you to give in to me...right now and right here." He licked my ear. I gagged, HOW DARE HE!!! I will not be treated this way! I don't care if he's cute or saved my life I'm not into that stuff! " Get off me." I said in my deadliest voice; soft and straightforward. He scowled " What did you say?" He said in a annoyed tone

"You heard me. Get off! "I screamed pulling out his hair. He cried out, disengaging my hands yelling "How dare you!!!!! Do have any idea who you are dealing with?!! I'll make you regret that!" He said shoving me away from him. I blew a raspberry at him getting my spit on him. I know. I know. Very mature. He looked shocked. His hands shaking in rage he delicately wiped a bead of drool from his cheek. He glared at me raising his hand. I kicked out at his legs but he darted out of the way. He chuckled darkly and disappeared. A voice faintly sung in a sing song voice "You're going to regret that. I'm going to make you pay. You won't be strong enough next time, so you can keep those skinny little legs locked together for now." I gasped and shouted out the worst insult I knew.

I went back out to the other room shaking from the rush of adrenaline. The random guy I had touched came up to me and tried grabbing one of my hands. I jerked away. " I'm sorry. I just don't want to be touched right now." He nodded sympathetically. " Can I leave now?" I asked exhausted and confused. They nodded performing some weird gesture with their hands. A portal appeared showing outside. The sun was almost setting. I hesistated afraid of what it would do. But I had to get home. I had to see my parents. No even allowing myself to glance back once, I stepped through the portal.

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