Chapter Twenty-Two: Little girl in a big world

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After what felt like three hours of screaming and clawing, I called out " You bastard! Oh, I can't wait to get my hands on you." I sobbed. Shit! I was trapped. I feel like a rat running around a maze, playing his games. A loud crash sounded directly beside me.

I gulped. Oh god! Please don't be an infant. I didn't have a choice. I would have to be by his side. I convulsed clutching my ribs. I wish I could see at least.

Not be trapped in this darkness.

"Give me a light at least! I'm going to go insane!" I whispered. Sweat ran down my forehead. I wiped it away awkwardly unable to get my elbow up. Dang it was hot! This was hell. Not being able to see. Feeling hot and uncomfortable I swallowed. My throat parched. " I HATE YOU!" I yelled venomously, " I hate you so much!"

Someone outside coughed uncomfortably. Paul?

I called out " Paul, is that you?" A voice answered back in a husky tone " Yeah." He cleared his throat. " I'm here to see if you've decided to behave."

" What exactly is your definition of behave? Is it are you going to let me do whatever I want to you? Because that would be a no." I said trying to sound badass. He laughed cruelly " I love when you sound like that. I can imagine how your eyes are burning with rage. You want so badly to hurt me, don't you?"

"Why do you ask when you already know the answer?" I asked coldly. Hurt him? I wanted to kill him. He was making my life a living hell. He didn't reply. I called out " Just leave me alone. I don't want to be a vampire. I don't want to be by your side. I can not even begin to understand why you think that I should be with you! I don't love you!I don't even like you! So just go away or let me go! I am sick of you! Oh and by the way, killing someone's parents usually doesn't make you love them! So you can just go and shove that "Queen" idea right up your ass!" I yelled the last part. God I was in control! I felt like hitting something.

Paul drew in a shaky breath. I smacked the inside of the coffin as I called out in a taunting tone" Aww. What's wrong?" Silence. I screamed " Come on, you bastard, talk!!" The coffin shook as someone yelled unintelligibly. The coffin went from shaking to full on earthquake mode. I hit my head on the top with a cry. Ouch! That was going to bruise! My elbows were knocking up against the hard wood. " Alright! Alright! I yield. I yield. Stop it!" He rocked a little harder. " Okay. I'm sorry. Just stop!"

" Why must you go upstream when it is easier to go downstream?" Paul said in a smooth voice.

" I don't know." I said uncertain. How can one go downstream with their parents' murderer? What was I supposed to say?

That Paul was my undying master whom I cherished? Should I be bowing at his feet? Let that thing, that monster control me?!? Never.

" You are going to have to give up one day. There will be no where for you to run to. Nobody will talk to you; I will send out an order. They will regard you as a criminal, even the infants. Unless you stop fighting me, your life will end sooner than you think." He said in a cold even voice. Goosebumps ran down my neck. Oh god. He can't mean that. He has to let me go. He can't kill me, there are laws. " You can't do anything to me. I'll go to the cops. I'll tell them everything!" I yelled as fiercely as I could manage.

" Clever little Rika, you're safe...for now." He answered. I pushed on the coffin lid. It lifted slightly. Swoosh! The coffin flew off. Crash, it reverberated on the floor loudly. Two bright green lights were the first thing I saw. I gave a little gasp. They were Paul's eyes.

Paul's green eyes were bright even in the dimly lit room. He was dressed in a three piece suit complete with cravat and cufflinks. The suit was a dark black . The cravat was a subtle gray. He looked very handsome. The corners of his mouth pulled up into a nice yet slightly gruesome smile. His tan hands rested lightly on the lining of the coffin. " Good Morning, Sleepy head, did you rest well?" He smirked, his eyes daring me to complain.

"Great. Thank you for asking." I smiled at the end. That'll show him. He looked stupefied. Yes. Current score;Rika:1,Paul:0.

The bastard wasn't giving up though. " Really? I would have thought you hate coffins. Well on to the main topic. The reason I came down here was to see if you would go upstairs with me." He said with a subtle glint of excitement in his eyes.

" Of course. I would love to go out. I need to stretch my legs." I said feeling generally excited. I made toward the door. He stopped me "Wait."

"Why?" I asked, my hopes diminishing. Why won't he let me through? Is he changing his mind?

"I need to make sure you understand me. You can't go outside the club doors. You can only roam the club meaning the two floors and the door going to the coffins. Do not tell anyone about me. Do not tell them about you. And above all else, don't tell about the vampires. If you disobey me, I'll hurt you. Do you understand?" He instructed, his eyes burning with a dangerous look; a cobra ready to strike. I shivered looking away. I bet he would dig those fangs into my throat.

I nodded fervently.

He gave me a small smile, pushing me towards the door. " A little pushy?" I asked. He smirked and went through the door.

I hesitated as well. This could be a trap. He could try to turn me. I'd better stay here. My abdomen gave a rumbling growl that hurt. I was hungry. I rubbed my belly trying to calm the storm.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ten minutes later, I was digging into a bacon cheeseburger while sipping a iced tea. My body was craving it. I gave a small whimper of delight as I continued gorging. Before I knew it the burger was gone. People stared transfixed in horror as I started devouring the table; napkins and all. Or at least that's how I felt. Mostly the really thin girls were staring with mixed expressions of disgust and envy. I accidentally said my thoughts out loud " Haven't you people seen someone eat? Just leave me alone." Oh god. Now I'm coming off as a fatty. This is just great. My social skills have gone out the door. I rested my head on the counter. I groaned. A giggle made me glance up. Across the bar near the dance floor was a group of goth chicks giggling and nudging each other as they stared towards the backstage door. What the hell? Were they excited for some band? And that ladies and gentlemen is when Paul walked on stage with some British-Austin-Powers-yet-more-modern-thing going on. My thought was simply what the hell?


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