Chapter Eighteen: Save me from the truth

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"She's not safe! What are you thinking?!?" Ben yelled. Paul replied in a blasé manner " Relax. I know what I'm doing. Besides I know a way for Rika to skip the embryo and infant stage like I did." My eyes flashed open. Oh Shit! I don't want to deal with this again. I need to get off. But how? I haven't seen any lifeboats, I only saw a life saver and that wouldn't be enough especially if there are sharks. I don't want to be seafood. I gulped softly. "WHAT?!?!?!?! YOU MEAN WE WENT THROUGH HELL FOR NOTHING!!!!" Ben screamed absolutely enraged. Paul snickered saying, " You seriously need to have a beer or something. You are crimping my style. And besides I just found out how I was able to skip the stages. But it's not comfortable." He paused for a second than said; sounding very weird to me, " It is a long and painful process where we must gag her than toss her in a pot of boiling water-while of course doing the chicken dance. Then we take her out and clip off her toes. Next we chant and throw buckets of water on her body, wearing miniskirts." He cracked up at the end. Ben laughed as well. I was scared and amused. I was at the thought of the clipping and was scared at the cold fact that these were not only vampires but murderers as well. When they were done laughing, Paul said, " Alright, Rika you can get up now. You're not fooling anybody." I huffed and got up. Paul was in a pair of sweats and a white t-shirt. Ben was in pajamas and a robe. They were facing each other standing near the door. " Alright, we need to get you off the crack." I said freaked out. Paul gave me a huge grin. I winced. I hate when he smiles like that, its so disarming. I muttered, " Stupid." He chuckled and whispered inaudibly to Ben. Ben laughed and high-fived him. I rolled my eyes. What a bunch of dorks. What am I doing?!? This is wrong. I shouldn't be enjoying myself. I should be off this god-forsaken boat. I smiled and asked as casually as I could manage, " When do we arrive at California?" Ben answered back coolly, " In about an hour of two. But we still have a couple of miles to go." He quietly warned me. Crap. We were too far away. Paul had plenty of time to attack me. But, maybe I could hide in the bathroom for a while. " Where is the bathroom?" I asked after a minute trying to seem blasé. Paul gave me a funny look and said, " Its down the hall. But I should go with you. I don't want you running into an infant." I sighed a bit irritated. " Okay."

He nodded at Ben and grabbed my hand yanking me out. There was no one in sight. He let go of me when we reached a plain wooden door. I made for the door handle but Paul stopped me. " Hold it." He knocked on the door. Nothing happened. " Okay go in." He opened the door and shoved me in, " Remember to lock the door. It may not do much against someone like us but it will work on an infant." I closed the door locking it. I slumped up against the door. I fell heavily onto the cold uncomfortable floor. Paul shouted " Are you okay?" I answered blushing, " Yes, I'm fine. I'm just a little seasick. Go on without me." Paul hesitated then left. I sighed going to the window. There were bars on it. What boat has bars on the windows? Looking out I gasped. We were on a huge yacht. Why did Paul say we were on a small boat. Maybe he didn't want to give me any ideas. Hmm. Okay. New plan. I'm going to sneak out and go onto the deck and jump into a lifeboat. I clapped my hands excited reaching for the doorknob. A low groan sounded outside the door than a dragging sound. What was that?

A weird sound that was unintelligible came from right in front of the door. A shadow cast underneath. My breath caught in my throat. Slowly I put my feet up on the toilet trying not to make a sound. That is not an adult, I'm sure of it. A fist thumped on the door lazily. Another groan and snarl. I started crying loudly. Oh god make it stop. "GO AWAY!!" I screamed over and over again. Please just go away. I heard a snicker than the noise stopped. I listened waiting for the person to knock again. Nothing. I let out a sigh of relief. I relaxed putting my legs down. A loud knock made me jump. " Who is it?" I called in a shaky voice. A voice answered in reply, " Who do you think it is." Of course. Paul. Stupid freaking Paul.

" What do you want?" I snapped irritated. He gave a short laugh. " Are you feeling alright? You screamed a few seconds ago."

I blushed. " I did not scream." I said firmly.

He paused then said, " Yes, you did, but don't worry it'll be our little secret." I didn't reply. Paul said awkwardly, " Well, we will be docking in about twelve minutes so try to be ready by then." I stuttered embarrassed. He chuckled leaving me. Great. Just great. Now what? Maybe I can sneak out and jump off at the first chance I get. It may be risky but I really don't have any other choice.

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