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Poorly translated (?) twst comics by Diabellic
Poorly translated (?) twst comicsby Diabellic
I've been trying to learn how to read japanese because of this game and I found so many cute comics in japanese about it, so I wanted to try and translate them so that...
asphodel meadows ・twstxbsd (rewriting) by -M1CHA
asphodel meadows ・twstxbsd ( ・MICHA
ਏਓ / 𝙬𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙬𝙤𝙪𝙡𝙙 𝙝𝙖𝙥𝙥𝙚𝙣 when a young mafioso gets stabbed and sent to the land of the twisted? ೀ twisted wonderland x bungou stray dogs!gender neutral!read...
Twisted Wonderland x Mairimashita! Iruma-kun! by aries239
Twisted Wonderland x aries239
After the tight fight to secure the throne for demon kings and because of that change their human side fully to demon side. Now, both Iruma and his twin will face someth...
Storm Over Paradise. ✔ by FlorK2D
Storm Over Paradise. ✔by Mamley
Based on Khushi and Shyam's engagement track. There will be a little change in some characters and a few scenes from the original story. Peep in to know more. ********...
໑ endeavour ̩͙ - twst by ahmy4wz
໑ endeavour ̩͙ - twstby ahmy4wz
endeavour /ɪnˈdɛvə,ɛnˈdɛvə/ verb try hard to do or achieve something. noun an attempt to achieve a goal. [twisted wonderland] [twst x m!oc] The oc is mine, if you saw it...
Twisted WONDERLAND x Male Reader  by KokoLover_Dia
Twisted WONDERLAND x Male Reader by ♡Diana♡
NO ART IS MINE Genshin is not mine. I also do not own Twisted Wonderland The reader is you, ofc I own the book WARNINGS: SWEARING MAYBE SMUT IDK ANGST FLUFF ANOREX...
"Bloodshed" -- Yandere One-shots by Birchiewoof
"Bloodshed" -- Yandere One-shotsby Birchie
{Yandere!Various X Reader} ___ "You're my purpose, my possession, live in die in my obsession." ___ Original yandere characters and storylines galore. Read th...
ᴍʏ ᴍʏsᴛᴇʀɪᴏᴜs ᴘᴀsᴛ | BTS FF MAFIA STEPBROTHERS by KimichiMice
ᴍʏ ᴍʏsᴛᴇʀɪᴏᴜs ᴘᴀsᴛ | BTS FF Author Kim ◕`ε´◕ 
[Slow Update!] Y/n was just a normal girl, Her mother got married to her boss not long after she transfered to her new job. But one problem was going to be facing her, H...
✔️ Only I Can Feel You | Hannigram | Rye Ambrose by RyeAmbrose
✔️ Only I Can Feel You | Rye Ambrose
FBI Profiler, Will Graham, is secretly a killer. As a child, he met Death, and the experience was invigorating. To see him again, he killed and killed, but no matter th...
Twisted (Charlie Weasley) by PotterGirl201
Twisted (Charlie Weasley)by Mara
Purebloods, some crazy and think they're ahead of everyone else and others who don't care... of coarse Indigo grew up thinking those types were Bloodtraitors, but in one...
Why don't you try and leave me? by Oshi_Oshi_Oshi
Why don't you try and leave me?by Oshi_Oshi_Oshi
"I hate you Kiyotaka. Why are you doing this?" Kei screamed, with her ocean blue eyes brimming with fresh tears. "Because I want to." Kiyotaka answer...
Magnus Academy: The Cursed Blood by WideDreamer
Magnus Academy: The Cursed Bloodby Morphéa
Family. Loyalty. Trust. Friendship. A twisted fate with the name of love on the line. But is it still all for the name of love even when things get a little darker? -not...
《Guardian》[Male Reader] by KingRiceBall
《Guardian》[Male Reader]by Prefect
The Ancient Being, Guardian of the Alagaës' Sacred Forests. After living for decamillenniums and experiencing wars between humans, dwarves and other races, and having hi...
 DESTINY ✔  by FlorK2D
DESTINY ✔ by Mamley
What if Arnav never showed up for the second marriage? What if the truth the Raizadas knew was a twisted one to favor the Maliks? What if Arvind Malik's infidelity set...
Twisted Chatroom || Book 2 by nightlyblazed
Twisted Chatroom || Book 2by Vanessa Viscontii
This is the book 2 of Twisted series by Ana Huang incorrect fan made quotes. Please don't hate or report.
Forced Marriage To The Billionaire (Book 1) by YourPsychodreams
Forced Marriage To The Edna Bruce
[SLOWBURN SERIES BOOK 1] ~ "I need you to get the hell out of my presence!" Lorena screamed, her whole body trembling with rage. Makris chuckled. "You swe...
Sinful Desire [Yandere genshin] by Whoasked_886
Sinful Desire [Yandere genshin]by Who asked?
They were like sides of triangles, polar different from each other yet they always hold each other's hands. But after one side of the triangle leaves, they have find her...
Secrets Of Her Heart by rainalori
Secrets Of Her Heartby Raina Lori
Can you forgive the one whom you love so much yet hate to death? Years back on the great musical show, she helped him with everything she had to make him win. The love...
Ruthless Sweetness by Denisa_4554
Ruthless Sweetnessby Denisa angel ♠️
‼️SOON A PAPERBACK ON AMAZON!!!! They bump into each other one day without knowing who they are. Iglesias Derek, the most ruthless man in town son of a dangerous mafia b...
His Destined Heiress by sunshinegoes15
His Destined Heiressby Aradhya 💗
Aadhya Shekhawat : Somethings are better unsaid but I , I My dear realize this after I've said them . . . So you need to digest this fact that It was the truth ' No o...