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Infection Chapter: 19

I waited for about nine minutes before I realized my plan wouldn't work. There were several flaws that I had overlooked; I didn't know how deep the water was, if there were sharks, the layout of the boat, and how many of those infant things there were. I was screwed. I sighed exasperated. Why can't anything I do go right? I murmured, " Why did this have to happen to me? I'm not an athlete. I'm not special. . I can't even get out of here. So why did he pick me? I mean there are millions of people." I stopped in realization. Millions of people. I could sl
A voice answered "

" Yes. I'm here to tell you that we're are docking so come out." He said twisting the knob. Darn. I guess I'm not a strategist. I didn't reply. He threatened, " Or I could carry you out. The kicking and screaming is more of a plus for me." I turned on the water calling out " Just a sec." I wrapped my hand up in as much toilet paper as I could; making a protection for my knuckles. I positioned myself near the window; ready to punch. I drew back my fist and swung. Stopping a millimeter away from the glass, I froze. What was I thinking? If he was stronger than me, why would I be trying to fight him. I glanced at the window. Plus who knows what's out there. I was too afraid to find out. "Rika?" Paul called out. I shook my head trying to focus, I turned off the water and sat on the ground leaning up against the counter. " I-I-I need some time. I'll be fine." I chocked out. Paul said, " No. I'm coming in." He twisted the knob, "Unlock the door, Rika." I didn't answer only got up and stood in front of the door. He whispered, " I know you're in front of the door. I'm going to give you one more chance to open the door." I gasped. He hit the door hard " Just open the door." "No." I answered firmly. Inside I was shaking like a leaf. He sighed reproaching me " You're acting childish. This isn't going to help. I know that you're scared and don't want to become my wife. But I'll help you with the changes. I won't let you die." He waited for my reply. My chest hurt, he thought I was afraid of dying and not angry at myself for avenging my parents' deaths? How do you tell someone I'm enraged because I can't destroy my anathema? " I'm not afraid to die, but you should be", I coldly stated. He growled, "Open this door right now!".

I said with a note of finality "I am not coming out." A furious roar was my answer, I jumped. "Fine. I see how it is." He said sounding sad and regretful. I smiled. One step at a time. I was relieved he was finally starting to see things my way. But why did he sound regretful. "Wait-" I yelled when the door fell towards me. I screamed jumping away. It hit the ground with a loud boom. The mirror vibrated then fell to floor. CRACK! A piece of the mirror had fallen off, landing near my foot. I snatched, clutching it so tightly in my hand that my blood stained the glass. Paul stepped over the broken mirror looking grim. I cowered away tripping over my feet. He advanced on me. I dragged my body away until it hit the wall. He squatted in front of me. I whimpered. He slapped me across the face. I cried out clutching my face. I looked at him shocked. He said smiling coldly" Don't you even start. You're boring me. This is your final chance before you force me to be rash." He offered me his hand. I hesitated. Why should I touch him? He is cruel and has no sympathy for others. " I hate you." I muttered meaning it so much. He frowned " What did you say?" I cleared my throat " I said I hate you." He laughed dryly, " Is that how you really feel about me?" He withdrew his hand. I nodded. He gave me a bitter smile. I gulped backing up. " Oh no, you don't!" He slammed his hand next to my face blocking my exit route. My face felt hot and wet. My eyes burning. I was crying heavily. I hyperventilated, my chest aching so badly. " Stop. Look, I won't hurt you if you do what I say. Okay?" He said a bit softer. I nodded wiping my nose with some of the tissue that was wrapped around my fist. He smiled gently at me. He grabbed some more tissue and delicately wiped my eyes. He shushed me, " Shhh. Shhh. Its okay. No one's gonna hurt you, you're safe. I won't hurt you, just relax." He leaned up against the counter cradling me in his arms. I gradually started to relax until I only hiccupped slightly. His shirt was soaked with my tears though. " I'm sorry." I hiccupped. He smiled and smoothed my hair. " Its okay. I had a feeling this would happen sooner or later. But don't worry. You gave it a good shot. You lasted this long without crying. You'll be fine." He patted me on the back. I nodded. Glancing at my hand, he sighed. "I'll always seem to be involved in hurting you", He dryly stated, tearing off a strip of his shirt to wrap around my hand. I silently endured this then whispered, "Maybe you shouldn't have started off by killing everyone I ever loved." His blue eyes snapped up to meet mine. He sat there for awhile, not moving until I cleared my throat. He lifted me up and over his shoulder. I protested until he choked out, " Don't fight. Its easier if you don't fight." I went limp exhausted. He patted me on the shoulder again and went out the door. Ben was waiting there. He asked " What happened to her?" Paul answered " She had a rough night. She needs to rest." I closed my eyes

I woke up when Paul placed me in a car, the sound of the engine and people moving about speed up by heart with anticipation. I looked out the window. I expected to see a ghost town that was barren except for the occasional monster but there wasn't one. There were simply everyday people moving about. Kids going to school, moms buying groceries, dads heading off to work, teens going to coffee shops, mothers helping their daughters buy wedding dresses, and parents bandaging their kids' wounds. It was so beautiful. What had once seemed so dreary and dumb to me was mesmerizing. A dream that was now gone. A dream that had once been real but was now a quickly fleeing fantasy. A single tear stained my cold cheek.

I missed my parents. My friends. But they were gone now probably dead. " Oh. You're awake." Paul remarked cheerfully. I force a smile. He smiled back looking astonished. I sighed glancing out the window again. He laughed " It wasn't what you expected it to be. Was it?" I answered back " No. It wasn't. I was sure it would be scary. Are these people infected yet?" I looked back at him. He smiled a reassuring smile. " No. Not yet." I breathed a sigh of relief. A fresh new idea hit me. I blew him a kiss then ran out of the car screaming. This would definitely work.

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