Chapter Sixteen: Carte Blanche

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Someone was shaking me, hard and unforgiving. I groaned, turning away. It was too early to wake up."Enough, Rika!" Paul yelled at me. In a panic, I launched myself out of the bed and onto the cold, unforgiving wooden floor.
"Owwww..."I groaned and got up onto my knees slipping on the ground a little. I was in a small room with a twin bed behind me. In front of me sat a desk with scrolls,quills, and ink bottles shoved precariously on top. A giant red and white life saver hug above in between two port glass windows. I must be on some sort of boat, that would explain the rocking. Was I at a dock where I could scream for help or helpless at sea? I looked up and glared resentfully at Paul. "Where am I?" I spat out, my hands clenched tightly; even though they were numb from the cold.
He smiled cryptically before responding "A ship. That's all you need to know for now. Now come with me, I have more important matters to discuss with you." His hands reached out to grip my shoulders.
I quickly backed out of his reach, my eyes narrowing "That's not good enough. We are not friends.Where are we going?"
He frowned deeply, " We are near California. We will be docking in an hour.And why are we going to California?" I asked. " Because my reasons are my own and I do not owe an explanation of any sort."

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