You were a child

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Infection: Chapter 12 

Going through the freaky portal, I saw something beautiful. I was in a giant field where grass swayed gently looking like a giant wave. There were calendulas, clovers, jonquil, and day lilies. A equally big and wide river was near by. The river was shining faintly now as the sun began to set. The huge clouds nearby started to glow orange and pink. I was so beautiful here but I needed to leave. My parents must be ready to call the cops. I ran home trying to find a street I recognized. I saw one. Running down it I heard something shuffle near me. I turned. There was nothing only a piece of trash nearby. Hmm how weird. I could have sworn I heard something. I ran on, faster this time. I made it in no time to my house. What I didn't expect to see was Aaron sitting on the steps his head in his hands. He looked up when he heard me approach. "I'm so sorry. I should have called. I won't do that to you ever again." I choked out. I shouldn't have done that to him. He was probably scared and hurt from early. I probably pushed the knife in even deeper. He looked at me resentful and cold. " Oh, you're right. This is never going to happen again." He said harshly, " But here's a fantastic idea, why don't you go swoon in your lover's arms." I was shocked. What was he talking about? Wait a second. Could he mean me fainting after I went home.  

" What are you talking about?" I asked enraged. 

" I'm talking about me coming to your house to make sure you're okay then you stumbling out then throwing yourself into his outstretched arms. The snake then tilted your head back and started making out with you. You were enjoying so much that you didn't even move. You just moaned... a lot!" Aaron yelled at me getting up. I yelled back " I wasn't swooning! I fainted! I was getting ready when I noticed blood on the back of my head! So I panicked and ran. Victor was there and he caught me before I fell. After that I woke up in a cavern with a bunch of people--there were other girls as well. They explained things to me. I left afterward and here I am right now!"  

" Yeah right." Aaron scoffed, " You went back to his place and did the dirty deed." My blood pressure was starting to rise. I was furious. " We didn't have sex! God, what's wrong with you!?! And what do you mean made out?" 

" Oh, so you don't know? Lover boy started kissing you. He left after about twenty minutes taking you with him." Aaron growled. I needed to get away from him before I did something extremely stupid. " Whatever, so where are my parents? Are they inside?" I asked worried about them. He cocked his head to the side " I don't know. I haven't seen them." I ran past Aaron yanking open the door as hard as I could. " MOM! DAD! Where are you guys?" No one answered. The only sound I heard was the clock. " Well, looks like their not here." Aaron said stepping inside, " maybe they got takeout." That's it. That's the last straw. I yelled at him " My parents wouldn't just go get takeout without leaving a note!"  

" Well, did you check?" Aaron asked. 

I didn't. Flushing I checked the counter near the fridge. There was an envelope sealed with my name written across it in flowing cursive. Aaron smirked. Ignoring him I tore it open viciously. Inside was a neatly folded piece of paper I opened it. This is what it looked like

Dear Rika, 

By the time you have found this letter it will be too late. Your father and I are leaving. We don't want to deal with this any longer. We tried for a while to make it work out by moving to different towns. We realized recently it wasn't the towns , it was you. Everything is your fault. Every time we moved it was because of you. So this is goodbye, Rika. Your father and I are leaving. And we're never coming back for you. We realize that we are abandoning you but we don't care. We never loved, we are going to a different place where we will be happy. Instead of sobbing over us ,you should just move on and have a good life. 


Your mom 

P.S. Don't try to look for us, you'll only get hurt.

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