Golden hues in the darkness

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Infection: Chapter Nine

I heard voices arguing. They were talking about me. I was positive. " Well, what was I supposed to do? Just leave her bleeding in the street. They would have come after her." Someone yelled. A smooth voice answered calmly " No... but you should have been more careful!! She mustn't know about them. She could get hurt. Besides we need her on our side not against us. We will offer her a choice when she wakes up." Floorboards creaked as someone neared me. I held my breath. Someone shook me awake roughly. My eyes opened. Victor and about twenty strangers were gathered around me staring. I blushed looking around. Why are there so many people? I was in a cavern barely lit by a flickering candle. The cavern's walls were decorated with dark red paintings and clothes that had a weird symbol on it. It looked like a sword with a snake wrapped around it. I had never seen anything like it. There was a painting of two men fighting each other ,one was outfitted in armor the other in a tunic and breeches. The man in the tunic had a mouth full of blood while the other had fangs. What the hell? Right next to the painting was a glass door. No light shined through but I was optimistic. Shadows leapt to and froth causing my heart to race. " Don't worry its just us in here. Nothing can harm you." I glanced back to the sound of the voice that sounded like sweet honey. I caught the eye of handsome man whose eyes were golden. I felt like my heart was melting. He was so beautiful. We stared at each other for what felt like years. He smiled at me stroking my hair. I stroked his as well admiring the color. It was black as night. Someone cleared their throat loudly. I immediately pulled back.

The boy looked hurt and confused. "Rika. Rika. Rika. You can't keep your hands to your self, can you?" Victor teased me offering me a hand. I ignored his outstretched hand, brushing off dirt as I rose. Victor smirked throwing an arm around my shoulders.

" Rika and I go back a lot of years. Isn't that right, dearest?"He kissed me roughly on the mouth. I yelped pushing him away, " Stop it!! Where am I? Who are you people? What do you---" Victor covered my mouth saying " I'm terribly sorry. Usually I can get her to shut up." I squirmed glaring up at him. This guy has a lot of nerve. He towed me back towards the door calling back " Don't worry I'll bring her back. We just need to have a little chat." Yanking the door open Victor shoved me inside. There were no other doors. Only a king-size bed, a mirror, a couch, a mini fridge, and a giant TV. I walked over to the couch. Sinking into the soft red material I looked Victor in the eye " You have a lot of explaining to do."

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