Chapter Thirteen: Faded Existence

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I lay on the kitchen tile by the island, unsure of what to do. Who to go to. My grandmother could barely take care of herself; ever since her husband died a few weeks ago. My aunt and uncle couldn't afford to raise me. And my oldest cousin was only eighteen. There was no way he would be able to take care of me; emotionally and financially. My dad's side of the family I had never met.

The next day I decided not to go to school. It no longer mattered. I'll just go work at the grocery store. I sighed rolling on my side. I wonder why my parents left. Why would they just get up and go? It didn't make any sense. My parents were always there for me. Always. They would never abandon me. Someone has to be involved in this. Maybe I should call their workplaces and see if they quit. I rushed downstairs tripping on the way down and face planting the cold wood. Ouch!I groaned rubbing my head. Oh God! What was I thinking! I needed to call. Dialing mom's work number I sat on the chair nearby kinking the leg impatiently. The receptionist answered in a cheery voice. I said quickly and smoothly " Hi, can I please talk to Mrs. Greene?" The receptionist answered confused " Who is this?" I equally confused replied " Rika. May I please talk to her, its an emergency." She paused then said coldly " Mrs. Greene failed to call in or show up today." She hung up. I scoffed and slammed the phone down. What was wrong with these people?

? My head bent, I shuffled quietly to class. Mrs. Woods looked paler today and her usually vibrant red hair seemed to have faded. She looked up from grading papers on her desk, I noticed dark circles underneath her eyes. Mrs. Woods must have some type of radar built in her little head warning her when someone who wasn't feeling so hot needed to feel even worse. "Rika, after class ,I expect to see you in my office. Do I make myself clear?" I met her eyes and nodded. The door opened behind me. I didn't even glance back. I didn't want to be the first to look away. She however did. " Mr. Lockhart." She said a small voice, "I-I-I-w-wasn't expecting to s-see y-you here." She stammered wringing her hands. I turned and remarked coldly "Oh. It's you."

Victor was here, looking haggard. He ignored me and stepped inside causally brushing his hand near my butt as he passed. "It's no problem. There isn't there?" He taunted her winking when she opened her mouth to protest when he nearly touched my butt. I quickly skirted around him and sat down in my desk in the back row, pushing my backpack in front of my knees. She shut her mouth; fear gleaming in her eyes. "What was the plan for today?" He questioned her with authority. She shook her head saying "I haven't received word from my commanding officer, my lord." She bowed her head not making eye contact. What the hell? Why did she say my lord? What was going on???

I tensed, slowly reaching down to unzip the top pocket of my backpack without looking away. Something was deeply wrong, I had to get help. I surreptitiously scanned the people seated in front of me, why was no one else doing anything? Victor viciously slapped her. I gasped, I had to grab it now! Pulling my phone out, I discreetly dialed 911. Turning the call volume down, I folded my legs placing it on my lap. Mrs. Woods whimpered and dropped down on her knees saying "Please, my lord! Have mercy!" She grabbed his hand and kissed it.

"Gross, you stupid old bitch." He spit at her.
Everyone gasped as we watched her fall on her face, sobbing hysterically. No one had ever shown her the same courtesy she'd gladly dished out; and it destroyed her. "I-I" She swallowed, "I'm sorry." He made a disgusted sound, stepping around her " Just proceed accordingly, your discipline will be dealt out later." I quickly whispered into my phone over and over again "Help, someone just attacked a teacher! Send help now!"
A tongue clicking in disapproval caused my head to snap up. Victor was standing right in front of my desk. "Really, Rika? Are we in such dire straits that you feel the need to contact the police?" He chuckled, shaking his head. "Well,you've had your fun, now hand me the device...." He held his hand out expectantly, bending down towards me. Dread settled in my stomach, I couldn't let him get to my phone. I firmly shook my head, scraping my chair back and getting up. "No, I owe you nothing. And as much as I hate her..."I glanced over at Mrs. Woods, still weeping on the ground, "you have no right to harm her or anyone in here!" His smile dropped an inch "Oh?" He softly asked, "So you want to play it that way, do you? Ok, your wish is my command."
       I tensed, stepping away from desk. On step back. He raised both hands out to his sides, palms raised in supplication as he slowly advanced on me. Two steps forward. I continued backing away, his eyes never leaving mine as he began to hum a haunting melody. "Get away from me!" I whimpered, dashing around two desks to my right, only two more rows and I could escape out the door.
"Rika, my honey...cariad. Stop running away, I would never hurt you." He crooned as he casually made his way towards the front of the room, the other people in the room nonexistent. I darted forward, completely ignoring him now, I had to get out of the room. Now. One more desk and I could get out. Hurry!
A scream brought me to an abrupt halt. "Oh Rika! Tommy might continue to suffer if you don't come over like a good, little girl." Victor sang in a singsong voice. I slowly turned. Victor was holding Tommy his jacket, blood running down his throat.
I ran forward, throwing the door back before taking off again down the hallway towards another classroom. Please, please, please.
My fingers brushed against the handle before I was yanked back against a hard chest.
"Did you really think that I would have let you leave the building?" Victor pleasantly remarked, one of his arms crossing my chest firmly.
"I don't care about that,
Karen and Wendy looked up in surprise tingled with fear. They didn't know what to do. It was clear on their faces. "Ladies, would you be kind enough to move?" He asked in a polite voice. Goosebumps rose on my arms. Would he hurt them if they didn't move? Wendy shook her head while Karen nodded. Wendy glared at Karen. Ignoring Victor's amused look she whispered, her eyes focused on my shoes "Do you need help? I can help."

Victor laughed ruffling my hair. "Yeah, Rika. Do you need any help?"

I nodded and twisted out of his grasp, managing to clip his chest with my elbow. " Really? Well, why don't you help her out, Wendy" He sneered her name. She flinched and called to Mrs. Woods "Mrs. Woods, Please do something." She ignored Wendy and started writing on the board over and over again surrender. Wendy gasped and jumped out of her seat. " What have you done to her?" She screamed at Victor. His grin grew even wider his eyes more cruel. "I made her into a creature of the night. A vampire. That's what you're going to become as well. You and everyone in this town--no this world." He suddenly had his arms wrapped around Wendy. He had not moved really quickly over there. It was more like he teleported over there. He whispered in her ear something that caused her to shiver and cringe away from him. He laughed and sank his teeth deep into her throat. He drank until she wasn't moving anymore.

He tossed her across someone's desk. People started screaming and desks were over-turned. I screamed myself. I fell down my knees weak. I lay on the cold ground screaming. Victor teleported to the door and broke off the doorknob trapping us all inside. A cute guy rushed forward and pushed him. Victor snarled and sank his fangs into throat. He cried out and punched Victor. Victor let go doubled over. The cutie came over to me and helped me up. I realized the cutie was Aaron. I glared at him and shoved past him. Mrs. Woods had stood up when he started attacking Wendy. She was yelling above the screaming and yelling " Can we start yet?" Victor straightened up glancing annoyed at her said "Yes. Yes. Just get done quickly. We need them to get their families." He looked at me adding, " Except of course for little orphen, Rika. She doesn't have any family they're dead." He laughed. My mouth gaped. How did he know about my parents? "Did you kill them?" I asked shocked. Please god, I pleaded, please may they still be alive. He said "yes. I didn't feel like sharing. I mean I can't have my future queen spending all of her time with her family, can I?" He laughed crazily, " So I forged the note and killed them. I stabbed them over and over again then threw their bits to a dog." I threw up. Oh god. He murdered my parents. I knew they wouldn't just leave. I started to become hysterical. My chest hurt. My heart felt like an anchor.

I stood there unsure of what to do. He looked frustrated "Calm down. I'm not going to kill anyone except the ones who irritate me and the ones I eat." He teleported behind me and sat down on a chair with me in his lap. I felt nauseated. How dare he! He sighed contently when people started screaming from the other rooms. I cringed into his shoulder not knowing what to do. Finally pure rage descended on me like a tornado as I kicked and punched whatever I could reach. Victor cried out when my fist connected with his groin. Shaking me until I could no longer see straight and collapsed.A weight on my mind was forcing me to sleep. Fuck you....Victor.

Victor whispering seductively " I will let you be human for a few more days but don't expect to get away, sweetie."

The last thing I saw was creatures ugly as sin pulling on people's limbs and biting them. Aaron was dead. His body being thrown out a window. There was a painful throb in my chest. Everything was being lost. My friends, my love, my parents, my life. I was forced by the iron hand of destiny to sleep. My eyes closed.

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