Chapter Fourteen: Call it what you want

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I woke up draped across a chaise lounge. It was very comfortable and very out of place for my room. I glanced up and gasped. The walls were a warm beige with no hangings. The floor was covered with warm white marble. Standing up, I cautiously held onto the back of the chair. My legs wobbled and shook. Carefully navigating the room, I passed through a gold ornate door with a weird symbol on it.

. Another room had two armchairs, two sofa , fireplace, and books shelves bursting with good old thick books lined the walls near the windows. There was a fire crackling and hissing. A shadow passed near it. Hmm, what a nice place, I mused, I wish my parents could see this. I should bring them here one day. Oh, and of course Aaron. I wonder where they're at? I wonder where everyone is? Maybe they are in the parlor. I leapt up excited to see my mom. My dad was probably at work. He always worked really late at this time of the year. Sighing loudly I ran into the parlor shouting out "Hey guys!". Victor looked up from a newspaper; bemused. Suddenly, I felt a jolt of pain in my head as thousands of memories came back. I collapsed onto my knees, gripping the sides of my head. When the pain subsided, I glared up at Victor, growling out "You!!!"
His eyes darkened as I fought my way back onto my feet. "Do you remember?" He asked. I swallowed the lump in my throat. " Yes. I remember everything." I answered softly sitting down on one the armchairs. He put his newspaper on the end table. " Well then. I'm sure you have a ton of questions... some of which I'd be happy to answer." I swallowed heavily, " Did you really murder my parents?"

His eye twitched " I told you. I can't let you be with your parents."


" They were going to get in the way." He said coldly

"Get. In. The. Way. Of. What?" I bit out each word, my hand tightening over the leather armrest.

He said still cold as a glacier " My plan ." I frowned.And what is it?" I asked impatient. He frowned and said harshly " To feed off of the human race peacefully...and to be king."

I cried out breathing heavily. Who does he think he is? He looked disappointed shaking his head " And what makes you think I haven't thought of this?" He had a point. My blood ran cold. Was this an attack or an invasion? He couldn't have been this quick, I mean its only been like a day. Hasn't it? He looked at me with pity. " Its been .....two weeks." He hesitated. I fell on the ground seeing stars. Impossible! I couldn't have been out for two weeks I didn't have any injuries or anything.

He must have done something. His face was a glacier again. He snarled out , " I drugged you! I didn't want to put up with you until I was ready! I've been trying not to eat you! And I told everyone to not come near here!" He teleported in front of me and shook my shoulders; fury radiating off of him. " Don't you get I'm a vampire! But not the fricken sparkly diamond type. So don't get any ideas!" I was stupefied. This was turning out to be a great day already. "What the hell is wrong with you?!? There is no such as a vampire! Got that? They don't exist." I flung my hands up in exasperation. He looked at me like I was the crazy one. He said matter-of-factly " Uh, yeah they do." He scoffed. I slapped him across the face "Now you listen to me and you listen to me good. I don't care how you feel. I don't care what you believe in. But when you decide to drag me down with you.. Then I got a problem." I hissed and slapped him again. He grinned evilly and slapped me back. I gasped and slapped him. He slapped me back. I got to my feet and scrambled for the other room. I yanked on the door handles of the French doors and scrambled out. Racing as fast as my body could. I needed to find someone! Anyone! An ice cream man , for god's sake! I ran down a hill. Starting to hear waves crashing up against the rocky steep hills. Waves?

I looked over the edge of a cliff and screamed. I was on an island. Not only an island but a very scary and cold island. There was no escape! I looked out at the horizon. Sighing I sat down. Mom and I always talked about going to see the ocean. We almost even went. Except mom ended up having to do a project for work. I cried a lot when I found out. We never tried to plan again after that. It just seemed pointless. I missed my mom. My dad too. I started crying, my tears cold in the frigid blowing wind. I lay down on the ground wrapping my arms around myself. I sobbed loudly and unashamed. No one could hear me over the waves. I cried for hours thinking the same thing over and over again until I felt it leave an imprint: what now?

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