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Infection: Chapter Eight 

I wandered the hallways until lunch searching for him. But I couldn't find Victor. I did find Aaron with his friends trying to eat six Saltines in a minute with no liquids. I snorted shaking my head. Sitting next to Aaron I whispered in his ear " Sweetie, I need a favor from you." He nodded cracker crumbs falling out of his mouth. " Can you run to my house really quickly. I need another shirt." He glanced down at me frowning. I gulped.  

" What the hell happened to you?!" He asked shaking me, a fountain of cracker crumbs spewing out. I wiped some of my face with the back of my hand, " Listen to me very clearly. I can't explain. I don't want to explain. Now can you take me home or do I need to find another person?" I gripped him by his shirt lifting him up a little. His eyes bulged he made a rasping sound. I gasped. What was I doing??? I shouldn't be able to pick up Aaron; he weighs 50 lbs. more than me! I dropped him backing away hurt. My heart aching with regret. " I--I---I--" I swallowed, " I'm sorry, Aaron." I left. All of Aaron's were whispering and pointing at me; Aaron was looking at me mortified-no- as if he were seeing me for the first time.  

I eventually found a ride home with my friend Molly. She was petite redhead who was in my Math class. I thought she was a nice girl just a little... weird. " Soooo, did you see the new guy Victor?" She asked trying to ease the awkward tension. I shook my head. I didn't want her to get any ideas. 

She looked slightly shocked, " Well. He is a hottie. And I mean a hottie. He has great hair. Its" She sighed, " His eyes are like a blueberries. His butt is nice along with his abs. He talks a lot to. He radiates confidence." She sighed again almost serving into the other lane. "Hey," I yelled " Eyes on the road." She blinked and focused on the road not saying anything. Of course. Of course I had to be the one to get a ride home from the village weirdo. Did she really say his eyes were like blueberries.

I arrived at my house barely having enough time to wave at Molly as she raced down the street. Mom and Dad were not home yet. I was glad I did not want to explain anything. I pulled on a pink top and a pair of jeans. I looked at the mirror in my bathroom. My hair was caked with blood and in tangles. I had a shallow cut on my forehead. I felt something cold and sticky on the back of my head. Gently, I touched the spot. It throbbed a little. Looking down I realized it was blood. I threw up a little in my mouth. I stumbled out of my room. Vertigo was beginning. I ran clumsily out the front door. Victor was ran towards me looking concerned. "Victor help" I mumbled as I collapsed in his arms.

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