Chapter Five: Obsession

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I froze. I can not believe he is in my class. Why does he keep showing up? What does he want with us? Why is Aaron so angry? A million questions swarmed angrily around in my head. I grabbed the hard plastic chair. I gently pulled trying to not enrage the dragon otherwise known as our teacher. Yet, I hesitated. The teacher had been lecturing us about finals a second ago but now she was a smoking dragon. Smoke billowed out of her wide nostrils. I snickered wondering if this woman had ever been one of those " We care about you" teachers. She probably was an escaped convict. I was startled when she yelled " Miss Smith, do you want two weeks?" I flinched, " Sit down, right NOW!" The whole class was silent even worse than before; not even a whisper. I said nothing. I was shocked. She is never like this. I sat down pulling out my binder. Smiling she lightly smoothened out her skirt. I looked down my notes. She picked up a marker and wrote on the board something about death or beauty. I squinted trying to see. " Can anyone tell me why people used poems to express and symbolize their feelings and beliefs ?" She asked slamming the marker on her desk. Everyone jumped but no one raised their hand. She sighed clearly irritated " Okay.. Just open up your books to page one-hundred. We'll start from there." She grabbed her thick and opened it. I reached underneath my desk but felt nothing. Looking underneath, I saw only wads of gum. "I'll share... if that's alright?" Victor said quietly. I gave him a small smile " Sure." I said.

He smiled a sexy, mysterious smile, his blue eyes twinkling. I blushed. He dropped the smile and turned away sighing. I quickly flipped the tattered book open flipping through impatiently. I felt Victor's eyes on me. I glanced over, he was staring at me with a weird expression. I blushed feeling abashed. I don't like it when people stare at me. Especially Victor, He made feel like he could see through my eyes into my soul. I wished he would stop. He stopped when the teacher smirked at him " See anything you like in this class, Mr. Lockhart? I can set you up with one of them if you want."

Victor blushed then answered coolly " Sure. What do you say? You. Me. A bottle of wine and the backseat of a Camero?" He raised his eyebrows suggestively at her. The whole house started roaring with laughter. Hannah who was a row over from me was slapping her desk laughing. I started laughing as well unable to help myself. NO ONE HAD EVER SAID ANYTHING LIKE THAT TO HER!!! We laughed for minutes but it felt like hours. When the noise died down I was clutching my sides. God, this guy was funny as hell! him. Mrs. Woods was covering a smile and shaking her head ; her face as red as a tomato. She smiled at everyone in the class " Alright. You don't have to do the essay on these poems but you do have to read them with a partner. So hop to it." She sat down in the creaky torn-up chair near her desk and smiled. I was speechless. No one had every melted the icy hard layers of Mrs. Woods heart. The last time was 400 years ago. I looked over at Victor. He smirked " Curious about what else I can do?" I nodded intensely . He swung his arm around my shoulders and whispered in my ear " Need another hint?" He grabbed one my hands and kissed it. I drew back disgusted. Gross, what a jerk. He winked at me then started reading out of the book. The first poems were ones by William Shakespeare. Victor read one out loud . His voice sounding like silk.

I cried a little. I couldn't help it. His voice-- it was so--- beautiful. I glanced around the room, as my classmates carefully watched him.

Okay this was so embarrassing. I started crying and shaking. Everyone stopped reading when they heard me bawling. Victor smirked. Aaron looked confused. I shot Victor a glare choking out loud " Its so beautiful!!" Great. My social life is officially ruined. And me being on my period has nothing to do with this. " You know... I like a girl who's deeper than a kiddie-pool.", Victor whispered in my ear, his cool breath tickling my neck "Maybe we could hang out sometime. That is if your old goat for a boyfriend will let me." He slid a cold arm around my shoulder drawing me closer. I gulped. He leaned his head into the nape of my neck. I shuddered jerking away. He flushed with a glint of something somewhere between humiliation and fury. " You'll regret that." He hissed then jumped out of his chair when the bell rang.

Oh my god, what a freak.

I huffed running towards Aaron. I didn't realize I was crying until he gently wiped away my tears. Stupid pain in the butt period.

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