Chapter Twenty Four: Yellow

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Trigger warning: heavy gore
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Have you ever decided to put raw beef in a blender because you wanted ground beef yet forgot to put the lid on? Well, if you were in the room you would have thought someone grabbed a giant blender with all the blood and pieces of flesh flying about. Now, how about we add strobe lights and screaming? Can you picture the beautiful memory I am describing? Well, it was hell for me. I stood watching as men and women were slaughtered unsure of what to do. A few of the smart ones ran for the door; a few escaped. I stood like a moron, my fight or flight instincts failing me. I screamed at myself mentally, run! No one is going to help you! You need to get out! I forced one leg towards the door then the other, slowly moving I was now only about ten yards away from the door. I stumbled over a leg. I choked down a scream. " Please help me." A hoarse voice rasped. I bent down trembling. Please don't kill me, I prayed, please don't be an embryo or an adult! " Can...can you move?" I asked concered yet terrified. " I'm not sure." The person paused, " Have you seen a girl in a bright yellow dress?". I frowned. " No, I haven't. Is this person your friend or something?" I asked trying not to sound uncaring. A red light paused on us then moved on to the other side where only a couple of people remained but that moment of light was enough for me to see the person lying at my feet. It was a man who looked about twenty-four. His leg was twisted at a gruesome angle with blood pouring heavily out of his calf. His other leg was in worse condition with a bloody messy stump at his knee. I shivered feeling my body want to go into shock. He trembled and whimpered. He must have seen the damage.

" It's okay. We'll get out of this. We'll find your friend!" He didn't say anything. I closed my eyes. How can I get him out of here? I don't have a wheelchair or crutches. Plus I need to stop the bleeding or he might bleed to death. Wait! He might have cut that one artery that if you cut it you have no chance of survial, what was it again? I searched the corners of my mind trying to find a clue. Nothing. Damn! What should I do?!? Implusively, I hit the ground with my fist. To hell with it! I'm just going to drag him out! " Alright! We are getting out of here! " I grabbed underneath his arms and yanked. He screamed in pain. What the hell?!? Is he injured in his arms? " What's wrong with your arms?" I screamed frantically. " One of my arms is broken." He answered in a sob. My blood ran cold. What am I supposed to do? I can't move him but I can't leave him either. " I don't know what to do." I said as the first wave of tears struck. I sobbed clutching my head. " Just go get Sue and leave!" He said in defeat.

" What?! I can't leave you here! You'll die!" I screamed. He sucked in a quick breath and grabbed my wrist in a death grip. " Listen to me!" He said roughly, " You need to find Sue and get out of here!"

"But I can't leave you!" I protested.

" That doesn't matter anymore! Get Sue out of here! My sister is all that matters now!!!" He said and shoved me away. "I...I" I began unsure. He roared "GO!!!!!!" I ran towards the stage, my legs wobbling. Maybe if I get up there I'll be able to see properly! I grabbed the edge of the stage and tried hauling myself up but it was so slippery that I my arm slipped off and I face-planted. Ow! My face felt sticky and wet. Oh no I smelt a faint metallic odor!

    Not more blood. I shuddered. Placing my hands underneath me I slowly raised my head. The lights had gone out completely as well as the screams. I lay there not moving. Where is everyone? Where are the infants? The Adults? Am I dead already? " I put a spell on you." Paul sang in a weird sing song voice, " Because you're mine." I gasped. He was still here!? A squenching sound near me. "You better stop the things that you do." He continued singing.
Something's breath tickled my ear. " I ain't lyin', no" Paul sang softly into my ear "I ain't lyin'." I screamed and tried sliding the portion of my body that was on the stage off. Paul laughed manically, the white of his flashing. His lips pulling towards his cheeks as it dissolved into a terrifying sardonic grin. He leaned, grabbing my shoulders with his ice cube hands. He sloppily pulled me back on stage, not bothering to avoid any blood or pieces. I whimpered, clenching my eyes shut as I tried to ignore the sharp metallic scent that permeated everything. I gagged violently, curling up into a ball trying to escape the smell.
"You have no idea how beautiful you look right now" He pleasantly remarked as his footsteps squelched away. "I hate you." I whimpered out. I put my hands gingerly on the floor,
       The floor was super slick with blood, my stomach felt uneasy. I couldn't see at all so I had no idea just how horrifying the rest was. Paul giggled " Careful, you don't want to fall!" I opened my mouth but he stopped me when he cried out triumphantly " A-ha! Here it is!" A loud crack then all the lights suddenly came on blinding me. I covered my eyes.
   When my eyes adjusted to the lighting, I removed my hand. There was blood everywhere but that wasn't what bothered me the most. What bothered me were the bodies missing heads and the heads missing bodies. There about ten heads on the stage and chunks of brain were all spread out. I vomited all over myself. " Ew, that's gross, Rika!" He said and picked up a head from the ground. It's eyes had been torn out and its mouth was formed in the shape of an "o". I shivered uncontrollably. "What's wrong, Rika?" Paul asked in mock concern lifting the head up to his mouth. " What are you doing?!?" I demanded my voice breaking. He frowned " You are so emotional these days. You need to let go--of fear--of sorrow." Paul's crimson lips spread, razor sharp teeth glimmering under the light. "Stop it!" I screamed. Paul simply lifted the head up to his face, maintaining eye contact with me, he cautiously probed the surface with his tongue.

Paul's eyes were now as hard as rocks. He stopped licking. What was he going to do now? Paul's teeth were now at the crown of the head. Oh no, please don't e--! His teeth had scraped back part of the skin, bone gleaming. He used his tongue to pull the skin off all the way and straight into his mouth. I screamed falling to my knees. I didn't care about who I was sitting on anymore, I just wanted to forget what I saw but it was still there like a giant poster in my mind. I vomited what was left in my stomach on the ground. " You're horrible!!! How could you do something like that?!?!?" I screamed as I started sobbing. " I needed you to see what I could do. I think I made my point." Paul confessed softly. " I hate you." I said my voice burning from stomach acids. "That's fine." He whispered, " We're going to somewhere else." I cleared my throat " No we're no-" A sudden flash of pain then I passed out.

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